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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

What to do...What to do...
   The sirens wail. Get your assess to the shelters, another rocket is coming in. Lets hope it doesn't hit the hospital or the schools.
Life in Israel. They are a remarkable people. To have to endure and live under this terror, is unthinkable. Unacceptable. Could you do it? Could you, would you tolerate 737 rockets flying in at you in just 3 days?
Place yourself in the position of Israel. How many many rocks would you take before you lost your patience and struck back. What if your neighbor didn't care about you or neighborly relations.  Or maybe he was a maniacal idiot that loved to throw garbage and feces into your yard. How long would you last before you started throwing things back? And if you went to the police, they did nothing because they didn't care. Just like the United Nations. But when you throw crap back over the fence into the neighbors yard, the cops come knocking on your door and admonish YOU for being nasty.
WE....meaning you and I...get the picture. The Islamic world does not because they are all in agreement to eliminate Israel. The United Nations doesn't get it, because there are 57 Islamic nations represented in the UN. That's a lot of oil money. Liberal America doesn't get it, because they are brainwashed to believe Israel is occupying Palestinian land. And most certainly, Europe doesn't  want to understand it, because they remember and have the secret desire to send the Jews back to the WW2 death camps.
After all, in this day and age, being tolerant of sociopathic violent, blood thirsty killers is much more fashionable then siding with those dirty Jews.
President Jimmy Carter sided with the Palestinians. Look where it got him? Need I say more?
Now we read the the Arab League  intends to go to Gaza and broker a truce. How admirable!! I am absolutley in awe. But...but...aren't they all in agreement that the elimination of Israel is the sole aim? So now onward to Gaza and peace will be stowed upon the peoples of the land.
Under certain conditions.....
Hamas will get whatever they need, do whatever they want, and continue down the terrorist avenue. Israel gets nothing. Peace will last 24 hours and the rockets will start again and the United Nations will say nothing. The Arab league will blame Israel. Obama will pick his nose. 
I never heard of the "Arab League" until today. Where were they when Syria began the slaughter and rampage of its citizens? Why didn't they speak up when Boko Haram began its African march to eliminate Christians?
The bottom line is Israel is defending itself. It is trying to maintain a safety net for its citizens. Islamists and the liberal left and media will support the Gazans and they will do what they can to demonize Israel.
The rest of us must do our best to convince the world otherwise. And the best way to do that is to tell people simply....put yourselves in the shoes of the Israelis. 
If we could only fit in those shoes.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The ITF is back!!

 AAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhh....its great to be back!! But I have to admit, there was a time (quite a few in fact) that I wondered if it was ever going to be saved.  
 For those that did not know, the site was hijacked. How? We don't know. By whom? Again, we don't know. But someone wanted us silenced.  It malfunctioned due to a massive flood a malicious traffic to the site.
 The hosting firm ( worked hard. But I guess it was my ear piercing scream that got them to finally solve the problem. Or maybe it was my sobbing that got them to fix it so i would go away. They worked hard, I shouldn't complain. I just hope they put solutions into place so it never happens again. I guess we can only hope and pray.
 Don Laird, our number one contributor and a valued member named Ecks Why kept close contact with me during the entire time. They held my hand and patted by forehead to keep my from blowing up and ranting their ears off. The slapped my face when I said I was folding and not bringing the site back. You could tell they wanted to do something to help, but their hands are tied when your separated by miles. None the less...its great to have friends!! Thank you so much Don and XY!!
  Anyways, I'm back!!  We're back!! And we're pissed! So much has happened, so much has passed that viewers around the world who depend on the ITF for information were left to forage other sites, if they can get to them. Many of our viewers are gone now. We have to start almost from the beginning. It will take time, but our contributors are ready.
Don Laird has miles of commentaries ready to place on the home page.
We have an interview coming up that everyone will find fascinating.
Annie has graphics she wants to post and shes running out of patience.
...and Islam is still on the march.
 Stay with us folks. Keep coming back. There is big things coming.
Time to get to work!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Staten Island Advance

  Its beginning to become the norm with some journalists in the MSM, to publish a piece without getting both sides of the subject. This is occurring more and more with leftist newspapers that regularly defend the Islamist agenda in America. Two such incidence occurred recently with Atlas Shrugs editor Pamela Geller. 
  Representing the Infidel Task Force, I could not let this happen without some support for our partner in the anti-jihad.

  The Staten Island Advance 
  Ms Grunlund 

   I don't believe I should be the one to tell you, since you should already know. But from what I can read, you as a "journalist" is not maintaining an independent stance when creating your interviews. Far be it for me to tell you how to do your job, but obliviously you don't understand the concept. In your defense I can state that in these tense times it is much more popular to defend the muslim. But then again, back in the 1930's it was popular to defend the Nazis. America always stood for the underdog, but today, America is the underdog.
   Let me suggest this to you. Before you publish an article, try to get both sides of the story. Don't publish until you have both. The public wants accuracy, not one sided opinion, and we are willing to wait until you do. Second, try to educate yourself on the subject of Islam. Because Islam is much more then a religion, its political ideology may open your eyes to why we in the anti-jihad, do what we do.
   Lastly, many Americans base their opinions of muslims on those in America. They base their opinions on their muslim friends and acquaintances. The base their opinions on the muslims they attend classes with. Because Americans love to learn about different traditions, we open our arms to foreign cultures. Ms Grunlund, not all foreign cultures are of made of food, song and dance, Some foreign culture is repulsive, evil and violent. And its those that bring their violent and sinister traditions to this country is why we fight for our American way of life. 
   Have you even tried to learn about Radical Islam? Or female genital mutilation? Or Gender Apartheid? Or the disgusting nature of Shariah Law? Have you heard of the church burnings, rape and slaughter of Christians in the Middle East and Africa under Islamic majority? Did you even notice when we reported on slavery still being alive in some Islamic countries? Did you bother to listen when the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR openly states that Islam will govern the world.

 What do you think will become of non-muslims if that happens? And please don't shrug it off as something that will never happen.
   Let me leave you with these little gems of knowledge. 
Mali and The Maldives. Home to tourism and history, now overrun by Islamists. 
There are now 44 areas in the world experiencing violence. From the UK to China, all conducted by Islamists. 
Jihad is not "inner struggle". 
Jihad is the subjugation of the Infidel. Thats you and me.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Why are the savages hoisting the black Islamic flag?

As the days pass and the barbarians continue to attack embassies with basic little defense, the nations flag is removed and replaced with the black Islamic flag. Planting a flag on opposition territory states a success in battle. The advancing army has vanquished the opposing side. This is what happens in war. So raising the flag is considered victory. ...but is this a war? According to Pres. Obama, the US is not at war with Islam. Maybe he should start listening to the proper people, because Islam is certainly at war with the US. Let us not forget he has a certain muslim* on his staff that must be filling his big ears, and they are big enough, with anti-Semitic and pro-Islamic views. So why are they using the Islamic flag and not the countries they live in? Why are the Egyptian muslims not using the Egyptian flag? Why are the Libyans using this black flag of terror? The Tunisians? The Iraqis? The Sudanese? The answer is simple. They are using this flag, because it symbolizes the army of Islam....and the approaching Caliphate. Islam is at war with the west, and the creation of the Islamic Caliphate has begun. Those staunch Infidels that frequent this web site know I have stated many, many times, Islam is on the verge of war. Islam is marching towards the creation of the Islamic caliphate. They, meaning the Muslim brotherhood along with their allies in Tehran, have been announcing this for years. It is nothing new!! Islam has stated the goals for a “United Arab States” in the form of an Islamic Caliphate shall be headquartered in Jerusalem. The “martyrs” will march to al-Quds (the Arabic name for Jerusalem). This may not come as a surprise given that back in 2006, Israeli Radio reported that Israeli-Arab Islamic cleric Sheik Ra’ad Salah also proclaimed that Jerusalem would soon become the capital of an Islamic central-state. Let the world remember that radical Islam is bent on destroying Israel and will seek the revival of a worldwide authoritarian regime based on Shariah law. They tell us this everyday. Its not news!! Look at the calender and focus on 9/11. There is a reason they chose that date to start these attacks. The war started on that date. It just takes some people longer to wake up, and the American people are late sleepers. That's why the black flag of Islam is being hoisted folks. The riots are not over by any long shot. You will see them continue and spread. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been spared, but I expect they will get the treatment soon. So be prepared. This may be the October Surprise everyone was talking about and it may be the actual start of the Islamic Caliphate. Time will tell. I just wish we had a strong, competent leader in the white house. *Huma Abedin, Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Saturday, March 24, 2012

"In a statement on Thursday, Ihsanoglu described the incident as a "deplorable act of incitement......"

Incitement. Get used to hearing that word, because it is going to be a popular term soon. This is how its done. Islam will succeed in getting our liberal progressive leaders to implement laws that will silence and prevent Americans from expressing their rights. Politicians will stand up and say..."No, no, no...please don't burn those Korans, you will put our troops/dignitaries/embassies/tourists/advisers/you name danger"

But it won't stop there. All the Islamists have to do is...hint of potential violence. Speak in terms of "lives could be lost" or CAIR whispering to Hillary Clinton...."I don't think we'll be able to control them Hillary....if...he...burns that Koran. Tsk. Tsk."

Reverend Terry Jones knows how this is done. Ask him.

Lets pretend the liberals are elected for another 4 years. What could happen?
This will happen:

We will be "discouraged" from burning korans, because it may incite violence.
We will be told to "refrain" from defaming Islam, including drawing a figure and calling it Mohammed, because it may incite violence.
We will be asked to bend over backward for our muslim brothers and sister - our fellow citizens.
Web sites will be asked to tone down the anti-muslim rhetoric or owners will be pegged as anti-American (Islamaphobic/racist)and embarrassed in the media.

Banks will be encouraged to support Sharia banking.
Special rules will be created for muslim workers, regardless of industry.
Our Constitution will be twisted and turned to the advantage of Islam. Only when it reaches into the backyards of Americans will we finally group together and speak up.
John and Alice in Georgia don't give a crap until muslims in their community start speaking up and demand special treatment. When a mosque starts construction in a quiet neighborhood of a city of 25000 will it get attention. When the muslims refuse to handle foods and drink will we sit up and take notice.
The majority of Americans, and that includes almost all of the American youth, are still ignorant of the snake that is creeping across this country, and they will stay asleep until it appears in their city or town, and it will. Because Islam is marching all over this land and planting its feet where it knows it will garner the least attention. Tennessee, Florida, Iowa, currently have mosque concerns.
The youth of America will be one of our greatest challenges. They are taught in college that "America is a country of haters and Islamists are our friends that need our help and protection. The Arab spring is bringing Democracy to the muslim youth - your brothers and sister overseas."
We cannot count on the young Americans to realize the danger they are unwittingly assisting in this country.
Don't believe me, ask your kids.

Its happening. We are on the fringe of losing our rights. All in the name of political correctness towards Islam. Americans are being silenced, and not a bullet is fired.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

What goes around

Well, well...take a look at this.

It seems one anti-jihadi site just bit the dust. That's very strange indeed, giving the age of the web site. Bare Naked Islam has been around for quite some time, and Wordpress just discovered it violates "terms of service"?

That sounds a little fishy to me. Maybe the Islamists Coalition for the Silencing of America has gotten a victory? Could be....

Of course there is no coalition, at least not yet, but I'm sure the Islamists are dancing for joy to see one major site is now down. I'll be willing to bet you a dozen donuts and a coffee, that this won't be the only site to "sleep wit da fishes".

To be perfectly honest with you, I have no sympathy with the owners of this site. Why? You may ask? Well, I'll tell you.

It really isn't anything big, but actually something very minute. But it was enough to turn me off of the site forever. And all I wanted to do was to swap links. That's it, just swap our site addresses.

I sent in a very nice and complimentary e-mail to the web master of Bare Naked Islam praising how superb the web site is maintained. I always have to lavish a site with compliments before I dump the request on them. After the praises I suggest BNI swap links with the ITF.....should be a no brainer now....right?


The webmaster comes back the next day and tells me..."Thank you for the very nice compliment. I appreciate that, but I really don't need to place more links on my site that contain the same subject matter as what I already have."

What? What did she say? "same subject matter"??? Now where I come from, I always believed that if we stood together we have a better chance for victory. Strength in numbers and all of that. I can see if I ran a porno web site that she can reject us, but we don't. The ITF is anti-jihad just like BNI and a thousand others. I wish more web site owners would come to me and ask to swap links.

I touched on this subject a couple of months back, when I had to deal with a snippy web site. It seems the swelling of an owners head grows in tandem with the popularity of ones web site. The bigger the site, the bigger the ego. At risk of pissing off some of the large site owners, I won't mention their names.

I hope my head never swells that large where I tell some smaller site to "get lost". If I ever do.....its time to quit. In the meantime I will enjoy our relationship with some of the best anti-jihadi web sites on the net. 1389, Blazing Cat Fur, Tundra Tabloids, The Jawa Report, Women Against Shariah and many many others. I can't list them all here, but they are all important, informative and very professional sites.

So sleep tight Bare Naked Islam. Give me a call when you get started up again. Maybe....we can do lunch. Or...maybe we can swap links.

A letter from a very intelligent man

From: "0000"
Subject: Re: Fw: Love it.......
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012

Hello Jim,

I was away for a bit and may be heading back up north again. I will know more next week.

I haven't been writing much lately, not for lack of material but rather time and inspiration or the shortage of the same.

I have had a great deal to think about with respect to the efficacy of my writing and blogs in general. I am concerned that we are losing the war of giving proper exposure to the advances of islam and muslims.

I am at a crossroads so to speak.

I am convinced of the need for blogs and bloggers and the exposure they bring to the table of debate regarding islam and the fight against the same. Each of us brings to the fight a skill set which is a reflection of ability, opportunity, time, financial limitations, motivation and talent. To not partake in the fight against islam and muslims with whatever is at your disposal is to further their agenda and final solutions. So regardless of the significance of the contribution, significance being largely subjective in its quantification, at least they make one.

That said, there is an incredible amount of ignorance out there amongst the public with respect to islam and sharia. The corrosive effect of this ignorance is made exponentially greater by the apathy that goes hand and hand with it. As far as blogs are concerned, most people are completely unaware of them save for those of us who use the internet and or are knee deep in counterjihad.

So the questions loom large.........

What to do?.

Is blogging, aside from the effect it has amongst a small community and occasional hot potatoes and politically influential revelations, largely an exercise in self gratification.....simply literary masturbation?

Is anything to be done?

How to defeat this ignorance and apathy?

Is the battle already lost?

Are the people we fight for worth the fight and the sacrifice?

It is these sorts of questions I have been asking myself as of late, questions for which I am still seeking answers.

On a side note, relating to something I have noticed repeatedly, certainly one of the greatest impediments to success is the capricious arrogance and egotistical fawning that is a reflection of some of the bloggers personalities. Many of them, having enjoyed marginal success, consider themselves something of a celebrity, placing the message in a subordinate position to their reputations and egos. For many of these men and women there appears to be something of a "club" to join where newcomers are left standing outside with hats in hand....rather silly when you think about it......but then I've never been a fan of clubs.

I am also very unimpressed with the need or desire for anonymity of bloggers. As far as I'm concerned this hiding simply reinforces the resolve of the islamists. I don't recommend revealing addresses and telephone numbers but cowering in a corner is neither my style nor is it conducive to the open confrontation required to put islam and muslims in their place.........back to Africa and the Middle East.

There is also a bizarre side to some of the bloggers. I recall one blog I had posted quite a few pieces to that when, for reasons relating to the efficacy of the blog, I pulled my posts and stopped contributing to it, went on a smear campaign. She sent out a mass email to many of the blogs complaining about me and my lack of patience etc etc etc....I was a little surprised at that one.

So, to answer your question about BNI and her refusal to link to your blog I would just ignore it. She is entitled to make that call regardless of how you feel. Personally, I would have not placed your explanation about her refusal to link on your all honesty Jim.....and this may sting a makes you look petty and childish. I would pull the piece......if it makes you feel better, I have written quite a few articles and have, on occasion, sent BNI an email....I have never received a response.....I could care less.

I think simply looking at the very professional and well written blogs like Jihadwatch and Atlas Shrugs as well of the many educational and informative blogs is the best example for a blogging model to emulate. Maybe that will answer your question. Personally I think your blog is very well done and is a needed contribution to the fight against islam....I would spend your time on Infidel Task Force and not worry about others.

So, to sum up.....I am not sure where I am going to turn with respect to the future......time will tell.

But I wanted to wish you and yours a belated Merry Christmas and hope that this New Year will find you surrounded by those you love and those who love you. I trust you are standing on the edge of a year that will be filled with good fortune and good health.

In closing...don't worry...I am not bowing out.....just rethinking strategy.

Regards, Don Laird
Edson, Alberta, Canada