The Infidel Task Force

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Infidel Task Force

Three years ago this April, something happened on Youtube. A few members got sick and tired of seeing Islamic Jihadis posting violent videos for everybody to view. Muslims were flagging anti-radical islamic videos, democratic and patriotic videos. Flagging and leaving hateful remarks on anti-islamic videos, just got to be too much.
A few Youtube members met on a video with the re-known ex-muslim woman named Wafa Sultan. A very elequent and forceful woman told the truth about Islam, and the muslims didn't want to hear it. A verbal diatribe and debate started between hateful muslims and "non-believers" be known as The Infidel Task Force.
These few Infidels banded together and met frequently on this video. Very soon, word went around that the Infidels were gaining in popularity and new members were brought on board.

Now...they weren't the only anti-islamic group on Youtube. The Templars and The Crusaders were also roaming the video web sites. As far as we know today, only the ITF remains active and viable.

A meeting place was set up for the new team to meet and stratigize, hence to be known as "the bunker". Very soon, multiple channels appeared. Infidels 1001, Infidels 2001...2009...2010..InfidelTaskForce...InfidelsTribute (hosting the Geet Wilders video Fitna)
Members started making their own videos, and uploading to the sites. A Theology Dept was born, an advisory board, recruitment dept. And just recently, a media team was formed to communicate with the outside world personalities, like Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Brigitte Gabriel to name a few. That team became known as COMA2009 (Center of Media Activities)

Almost three years, and now this team of 52 strong members have set up their own web site. A window to the outside world, beyond Youtube.

The mission is not over. Membership is continuing to grow. The word is getting out that the ITF is alive and working. With the threat of radical islam, and creeping shariah worldwide, the ITF mission is to expose islam for the evil it really is. To radical islam, the Infidel Task Force is a stumbling block on their road to power, and one that will never go away.

Pay them a visit:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Taliban Killing

Taliban release video of beheading
From correspondents in Peshawar
Agence France-Presse
February 09, 2009 07:03am

PAKISTANI Taliban militants released a graphic video on Sunday showing the beheading of a Polish engineer whom they said was killed because Islamabad refused to free detained insurgents.
The tape, seen by an AFP correspondent here, was released one day after a spokesman for Pakistan's umbrella Taliban group said its men had decapitated Piotr Stanczak, who was kidnapped in the volatile northwest on September 28.
Stanczak, who was working in Pakistan for a Polish energy company, was seized by armed men in the town of Attock, about 70km northwest of the capital Islamabad. His two drivers and bodyguard were killed.
Polish deputy foreign minister
Jacek Najder earlier said authorities in Warsaw were still awaiting official confirmation of Stanczak's killing by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).
Prime Minister
Donald Tusk previously said Poland had received "informal confirmation" of the engineer's death, while a spokesman for the Polish embassy in Islamabad said it considered the TTP claim to be "99.99 per cent true".
The video shows Stanczak sitting cross-legged on a carpet, wearing a khaki shalwar kameez. He made a brief statement in English in response to questions posed by his captors, urging his government to withdraw its contingent of about 1100 troops from Afghanistan.
In the next scene, Stanczak is sitting in the same position, but blindfolded. A masked man is shown beheading him with a knife, while two men stand guard behind him, holding AK-47s at the hostage's head.
A masked militant is then shown saying Stanczak was killed because Taliban prisoners were not released and warning that other foreign hostages could meet the same fate, without claiming to have specific hostages in captivity.


So what have we learned from this? Another sensless slaughter by the local Islamic butchers, the Taliban. Where is the outcry from the muslim population?
You will not hear one...why? Because they:
A) Don't care.
B) The murdered man was not a muslim, so hence they don't care. a teddy bear Mohammed, and you have them marching in the streets, shouting, "Death To America!!"
Sick isn't it?
If anybody in the world, thinks that Radical Islamics will stay in the third world and leave the West alone, should think again. They are coming. It won't be tommorrow, or next week....but they are coming.
Be very afraid.