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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

They intend to shut us up!

They intend to shut us up!!

   The Islamic conference has a plan. That plan is to bring Islam into a better and brighter light. But the problem we all can see is, Islam will never take any responsibility, accountability not any blame. They will point the finger at Freedom of Speech and of the press. They will point to the anti-jihad bloggers and say its all our fault that Islam is made to look bad. We are to blame, not Islam, not the Koran, not any muslim terrorist.
    Now if the UN lets Resolution 16/18 pass, what will happen? Is everybody going to be told not to denigrate Islamists? Are we going to have to shut own our web sites, because there are an awful lot of anti-jihad sites. Mine included. I guess it will end up looking like the picture below.
    The majority of Americans in this country are not well versed with this concern. Many are too busy with families, working and trying to stay alive and healthy. They do not know, and in most cases they just don't care that 57 Islamic countries have an agenda to take our free speech away from us. Those of us that do know and truly understand what is happening, have the responsibility to inform their fellow Americans. This can be a difficult job, when you have political leaders ignoring or keeping silent about any reference to Islamic dirty tricks. In doing so, they put every American in danger.
  Let's not forget our left wing college professors teaching our students that Islam is the Religion of Peace and have no intention of competing with our constitution. This is also happening in our elementary schools today as well. Put the liberal main stream media protecting and making excuses for their good muslim buddies, and knowing Saudi Arabia throws investment money at CNN and FOX kind of puts us in a very dangerous handicap.

    One sentence direct from the resolution, pretty much sums it all up:

  "Expresses deep concern at the continued serious instances of derogatory stereotyping, negative profiling and stigmatization of persons based on their religion or belief, as well as programmes and agendas pursued by extremist organizations and groups aimed at creating and perpetuating negative stereotypes about religious groups, in particular when condoned by Governments;"

   Now this is all when and good. Protect people from derogatory and denigrating instances. Stop the negative profiling, and shut down organizations that stigmatize persons or religions. All well and good, but what they don't list nor make public is the true meaning, and that is...don't speak not act against Islam. Islamists do not give a flying fuck if you call Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or any other religion the "derogatory and stigmatizing names". They couldn't care less if you set up "programmes" to insult them. And they certainly aren't going to care if people set up web sites to defame and belittle any other religion but Islam.

   What Islamists WILL do , is continue to call Jews "pigs and apes". They will not stop calling non-muslims Infidels and Kafirs. Muslim clerics will continue making those anti-American or anti-Jew videos and posting them around the world. Muslims will continue their planned genocide of Christians in the Middle East and Northern Africa, and the Islamic boots of Boko Haram will continue their march to South Africa. Nothing will change with the muslim world, the changes will be in the free world....maybe. At least the OIC thinks so.

  My understanding of the UN Resolution 16/18 is to "prevent any derogatory or defamation of any kind towards any religion, if it leads to incitement." My question would be...who will determine what is inciteful ? Congress? The United Nations? The OIC? Who? I don't like anyone telling me what i can and cannot say. Especially if its someone from another country. Especially is its someone from another country that doesn't have the freedom of speech, press and expression as we Americans have. No freakin' way!

   Lastly, and I leave this to give you something to ponder....Doesn't any resolution, law or UN ruling, have to go through our Congress? Doesn't the American people have their say in this resolution? Believe me, if the majority of Americans discovered that the UN, the OIC or even our own Congress is attempting to monitor or limit our Constitutional right of free speech, there is going to be a revolution. We will not stand for it.
   If all else fails...we call Bill O'Reilly.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Meeting David Gaubatz

    On October 3rd I had the opportunity to meet David Gaubatz. David is known for dispatching  a team of undercover researchers into the offices of the Council on American Islamic Relations. One member of the team was his son Chris. The documents Chris and the team obtained are the basis of his book Muslim Mafia. I interviewed Gaubatz in 2012 and it turned out to be one of the most popular of all the interviews.

    Mr.Gaubatz opened the evening by giving his audience an eye opening brief on UN Resolution 16/18. As many of us know, 16/18 is a resolution that calls on nations to prohibit speech that allegedly "defames" religion. What it doesn't say is that the resolution is aimed for the west and non-muslim countries. Of course the Islamist bastards will still be able to scream all the anti-Christian and anti-Semetic profanity  they can broadcast.

   I found David Gaubatz to be extremely knowledgeable in Islam.  He lived in Iraq among the Iraqi people. He spoke their language and did business with them. When asked why he did it David answered:
"Children do not cause wars. I was there to help the people who helped us and to help their children to grow up."
    Gaubatz explained the different branches of Islam in extreme detail and you got clear picture that every Islamic  faction detests the other.
One hates the other. Sulafis detest the Shite, who hate the Sunni, and they all want to eradicate the Alawites.

My interest was piqued when he said that "There are 2300 mosques  in the United States and 75 to 80% publish and distribute radical literature. The more Shariah adherent the mosque is, the more likely they are teaching violence and hatred." Giving an example that few people knew about was the mass shooting at  Trolley Square in Salt Lake City on February 12th 2007, by a lone gunman. The shooter killed five bystanders and wounded four others before being shot dead by  police. When the shouts of  "Allahu Akbar" on a video of the rampage, the FBI suggested religious radicalism as a possible motive.

   The media broadcasts incidents constantly from all over the world of the atrocity of rampaging muslims. It seems many of their blood thirsty riots are done on a Friday right after prayers. It leaves little doubt that the cleric in the mosque is creating an atmosphere of evil, stirring up these people. Generally with lies and hatred for the Jews and the Christians. These are not peaceful riots, but violent and usually end up with burned churches and dead innocents.

   How can people, if they should be called people and not savages, receive the sympathy they do from the leftists and liberal? The Muslim Brotherhood states openly they will convert the world to Islam, with or without our consent. This is the  Islamic doctrine. Congressmen and senators on both sides receive money from the Muslim Brotherhood.  You could see the shocked looks on the audience faces when Gaubatz made that statement. When asked how do we fight them, Gaubatz answered with a fighting insight. "Start branding muslim organizations!! They hate Jews, Christians and America. Don't be afraid to use your voice. Don't be afraid to combine muslim and terrorism"

Giving a bit of attention on his book Muslim Mafia, David outlined on how the removal of the 12000 documents occurred and what the result was when CAIR found out Gaubatz had them. CAIR sued to get the documents back. All 12000 of them. Now these documents show clearly that CAIR was operating illegally and performing illegal financial activity. Gaubaz WANTED this taken to court, because that would be the only way to get CAIR to admit the documents belong to them. 

   So when  Ahmed Al-Shehab, the founder of the Islamic organization, demanded to be given back the documents, the judge asked: "Do you really want to say that?"
   Ahmed answered "Yes."
   Gaubatz said, " that point we got what we wanted."
  Simply put, demanding the documents be returned to them, CAIR admits the documents belong to them. All 12000 documents. Listing illegal activity in detail. Many of the papers and files are now in the hands of the US Government.

  I learned a lot from David Gaubatz and I hope to have the opportunity to interview him once more. He is intelligent, compelling and a very brave human being. We are lucky to have him.