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Monday, October 27, 2014


   Well here it is another glorious Sunday morning in New England.  I sit in my sunroom enjoying my second cup of coffee and reading the Waterbury-American Sunday edition. Which  just happens to have a review of candidates for the Connecticut 1st District, and there is a shit-load of them.

infidel-BBJThe Democratic incumbent is the front runner and most likely will win again. Connecticut voters are liberal and very easily swayed by the smooth talking sleaze bags that we have here.
But one candidate caught my eye…Jeffery Russell.  Representing the “Green Party”. Here is what the Hartford Courant recently said about him:

“Most of the nominees are longtime members of the Green Party. Some acknowledged that their chances to win office are slim and instead set forth other objectives for their candidacies.
Jeffrey Russell, who was nominated to challenge popular Democratic Congressman John B. Larson in the 1st District, said he communicates well with young people.
“We have too many people here on the high side of 60,”  (UH OH…he’s going to kill us all.) Russell said. “We really need to get young people excited about the Green Party.”
Russell said that although he does not own a car or a telephone, his experience running for state Senate in the heavily Democratic 1st District in 2010 and 2012 convinced him he can reach voters.
“When I ran for Senate, I said, ‘If I can get one person to think, I’ll call this a success,'” Russell said. “I accomplished that far beyond what I could have expected. I got a lot of people to think.”

Anyways…..I digress.  Now the newspaper asked several candidates what they would do about the ISIS Crisis.  Many of them responded with good intentions, but much of it we heard a million times before. The small, tiny, blurb about Jeffery Russell is what caught my eye.
Except for Russell. He didn’t give his opinion of the crisis, did not  discuss all the slaughtered bodies left in the dirt to rot. He didn’t mention anything about the thousands of innocents that have been raped and beheaded…not a word. What he DID do is give an apology and an explanation of what jihad truly means.
Bottom line, he covered for them, and Ibelieve Russell may be a closet muslim.  His comment is below, you make the call:

Jeff Russell, Green Party

    russell “I would like to see more inclusion of genuine Islamic communities in the fight against ISIS. As one who has read the Koran (in translation), I find little or nothing of Islam in ISIS. To call them “Islamists” is as false calling them “jihadists”. The true meaning of “Jihad” is the struggle, or effort against evil, primarily against oneself.
Every terrorist group I know of has done enough evil rto convince me they have abandoned this “Major Jihad” We should do everything possible to cut off their source of arms and ammunition.
“Boots on the ground won’t solve group insanity”

My response to Jeffery Russell:
I read your opinion on ISIS in the Repub-Amer this morning and I have to say BULL. Regardless of what muslims truly say about Jihad, its howthey apply it. And the radicals apply it to slaughtering the non-muslim.
Maybe your a closet Islamist, maybe not, but your little blurb was
mostly a cover for radical muslims. “I would like to see more
inclusion of genuine Islamic communities.” Yeah, so would everyone
else, but it ain’t gonna happen!! THAT’S an excuse.
So what else do we do?
How do we get the Islamic countries involved?
Shall we step up the drones?
Do we pressure the United Nations(Financially and otherwise)?
Do we start withholding financial aid?
How will this effect Connecticut citizens?
Do we provide help for the non-muslims that are getting raped and
slaughtered simply because they are not muslims?
Come on Jeff!! Your running for office…lets have answers to these
and tell us what you intend to do. Don’t make excuses for the
Islamists. Never mind what Jihad “really” is, because these savages
are true Islamists. They follow their book and their barbarian laws.
I’ve been running the Infidel Task Force web site since 2006 so don’t
try bullshitting me with how nice and peaceful Islam is. You may be
able to fool others, but don’t try it with me. I know about Islam, and
I know what they do. I see it coming across my desk everyday.
Looking forward to your response.
I have to tell you….I will be publishing your reply (if you reply)
on the web site.
Have a nice day!!
I haven’t heard back from him as of this evening and its doubtful I ever will. I’m certain he read  where I was going to publish his reply and that didn’t sit with him very well. He’s probably hiding under his desk right now.
Well…. I feel better now.  How about you?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Mindless Savagery Of Islam

infidel-BBJI’m concerned. Yes, I am seriously concerned. Muslims around the world are getting increasingly violent towards non-muslims, and the    age of their targets no longer matters. Just today I read about a group of Arab muslim women who shoved, spit and threw objects at a group of religious Jews, mostly children, visiting Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on Tuesday.  So now they go after the children. Well…I guess they always did. Muslims in Gaza let loose those rockets into Israel in hopes they hit somebody, anybody, even little kids.

Why is there such savagery in the mind and soul of an Islamic radical? They certainly weren’t born that way….apologies to Lady Gaga.  Of course we understand they are schooled with every intention of going out into the Infidel world and create havoc so that Infidel blood flows through the streets.  Its what they do.
Churches are burned. People are slaughtered. Bombs ignite and Molotov cocktails fly through the air. Women are raped, beaten and have acid thrown in their faces for the littlest of things. Such as saying “No” to their husband, father, slave owner. Children are taken as sex slaves. Non-muslims are forcibly converted or threatened with death if they don’t convert. Many are killed anyways.  This list can go on and on…
Here in America, muslims generally are peaceful. Until they reach the numbers where they can start making demands. Muslims in the UK are great at making demands.  Oh, they picked a great placed to take over. Brits are so peaceful and compliant they will give Islamics anything to maintain the peace. Even to the point of giving up British freedoms to avoid violence. Denmark and Belgium are lost as well….bye bye. Might as well say farewell to Sweden too. Lawmakers in Sweden just passed a law making it illegal to say anything detrimental against immigration (Islam). Poor dummies.
First the 2nd amendment, then the 1st
That’s happening here too. Maybe not as fast, but it is happening and that is scary. I always say “First the 2nd amendment, then the 1st”. 
They are taking the guns and have their eyes on our right of free speech. Brianless left wing pols certainly don’t want us saying anything to get those muslims in a frenzy.
The latest bit of political propaganda comes from U.S. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) who has introduced The Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014. This is a dangerous threat to free speech and will give unbelievable power ro some unknown agency. I would bill willing to wager that agency might be CAIR.  Because you see, in America, muslims are not extremely violent, but they do love to sue the pants off anybody willing to get in the way of their goal of Islamic supremicism, and I mean from large media corporations, political leaders, powerful protectors of the Constitution. Right down to the web site owners and the little guys like you and me. Don’t laugh! They already have done it.
That’s how they intend to spread their Islamic law and spew the filth of Islam. In the Middle East and Africa – violence and death. In Europe – massive birth rates.  In America – lawsuits.
So how do we succeed? I don’t know. We just have to keep fighting. I know it gets tough at times, when all you hear are left wing muslim appeaser/sympathizers. The leftist media calling for more “protection” and laws to help the poor poor muslims. Our jackass Democrat politicians conniving with the Islamists and screwing every American citizen. And don’t leave out those billionaire Hollywood jackwagons piling the cash on Islamic backs.(This includes you too George ((dipshit)) Clooney).
Have these idiots never heard of  the  British Prime Minister Arthur Neville Chamberlain? Are they not learning anything from history?
What it comes down too, is not the dangerous bastards that we voted into office….its the dangerous, brainless, lunatic morons that voted to put those bastards in office.
….and that’s why I’m concerned.