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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, I received this request from one of my avid followers.  She asked questions that millions of people around the world ask on a daily basis.
“I read the news a lot, pretty conservative here….what I want to know is really, what can we as citizens do about the spread of Islam? It’s one thing for us to educate each other on FB or blogs, but really – do you have any ideas? ??
I genuinely think that we should not allow them to wear their garb here or build mosques or get drivers’ licenses, etc….my biggest concern is that if we allow a culture to come here that wants to destroy our own culture, then we have allowed them to change us. I’m not big into multiculturalism anyway – all cultures and societies are not equal, nor do they all bring the same value.
I am gravely concerned about my son growing up in an America that is much less safe than it already is, never knowing if going to the grocery store or movies he will get blown up by some idiot terrorist for a false religion.
Your input? Can we do anything, and if so, what?”  -R

My response is below:

infidel-BBJ   I understand what you’re saying and I agree completely. I just wish it was so simple. But it isn’t. Today we live in very dangerous times. September 11th was a major turning point and it’s one that cannot be changed.
    Islam in America is a double edged sword, and I would love to have what you suggest. Get those savages out of this country and there will be peace. But again, it’s not that simple.
We both know Islam is not a true religion, it is a cult. It is a cult of violence spawned by a blood thirsty killer. Everything that our Constitution grants us, Islam wants to remove. Women in America are equal to any man. In Islam, they do not receive equal rights. Not property nor inheritance. We enjoy our right to free speech. In Islam, if they don’t like what we say, our lives may be in jeopardy. If you leave Islam, you die. If you blaspheme Islam, you die. And we both know what happens when you publish illustrations of Mohammed.
So why are they here and why can’t we get rid of them? This is the hard part.
Many muslims come to the west (Europe..Australia, UK, North America). Why? Well, one reason is they are escaping Islamic savages and come for a better life. And I’m sure many are here under orders to change the world to Islam. The UK is going under within the next ten years. France and Germany are also in great trouble. Australia and Canada may survive because they have tough outspoken Conservative leaders.
Islam in America is viewed as a religion. It cannot and will not be outlawed. It will not be banned. No matter what you read on Facebook or what your friends say, we cannot kick them out. Muslims will not be forced to wear our clothes, drink our liqueur, eat our foods, sing and dance. They will continue to build their mosques, pray in the streets and use every effort they can muster to remove our free speech. They are here and they will not be forced to leave. No matter how much we scream, muslims are here to stay.

Why? Because our Constitution protects them.

And….Our politicians suck up to them for votes.
And….Our leaders cater to them and display them as victims.
And…Liberal teachers, college professors, Hollywood elite and leftist media. Local government and the rest of the useful idiots that remove our culture, traditions in fear of “offending muslims”.
And….Our media is protective of them, cover for them and apologize for them while blaming the rest of America, Christianity, the right wing, the Tea Party, the KKK….etc.

Muslims generally are good people. It’s their leaders that cause the problems. The clerics, Farrakhan, jihadists, muslim politicians, CAIR, MSA, Muslim Brotherhood. THEY make the rules. They make the demands. And when they do, all the other muslims fall in line.
Changing our laws to Islamic will not happen in America, not within our lifetime, nor our children’s lifetimes. Yes, muslims say they will take over, but it isn’t going to happen while we are alive. We have the one item that still protects us. The Constitution. And as long as Congress still makes the laws, they will not allow another culture to change it and create a separate law for a separate people. Always remember, The Constitution states…“All men (and women) are created equal.”

Sounds like a losing battle doesn’t it?

In the long run it may be. As long as their numbers grow, they will become a force in government, then Islamic initiatives will increase in numbers. Nothing lasts forever, even American law. When a minority becomes the majority, and that majority is a 7th century barbaric, conceited, superior attitude cult, the minority suffers. We will succumb to Islamic laws. America protects and helps its minorities, Islam treats them as subservient.

But it will happen. Maybe in this century, most likely not.

As long as we still have a conservative right we will keep muslim attitude in check
So what do we do? This is why you wrote to me. We do everything. Get involved!!
I started a web site and it became a group of sites, some for news, others for resource. There are now three of us maintaining different ITF sites. Posting news, views and examples of Islam savagery, sending information out to educate thousands.
Find your closest ACT 4 America chapter. Join it. If there is none, start one. Get with friends, co-workers, neighbors, anybody with the same fears and willingness to save our culture and traditions.
Find out who represents you in state governments and push them to enact American Laws For American Courts. Write them. Contact them. Set up a meeting with them, but make sure you are accompanied by someone who is knowledgeable and very outspoken about this law. ACT 4 America can help you.
For info on this, go here:
Write to your Congressman and ask them to give you his/her opinion on Islamics in this country. Don’t be afraid to contact them!! You may not like what he/she says, but it will give you an idea of where they stand. Then spread the word.
Sign those petitions!! I sign them. So can you. You will not get yelled at. No one will come knocking on your door 3:00 in the morning.
When the time comes, join those protest marches.
Stand your ground. You have every right to say what you think. Call an Islamic an Islamic. My daughter is in Medical and is used to dealing with muslim men. They are demanding!! They want to talk to the “man in charge”. Unfortunately for them…SHE is in charge and puts them in their place. She stands up to them. Tough woman.
I hope I have answered your questions. Its not going to be easy in the coming future. But at least we can try.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

More Muslim converts worry Ottawa imam

 Usually news of more people converting to one’s religion is somewhat pleasant for religious leaders but that doesn’t seem to be the case for the imam of one of Ottawa’s largest mosques, where an increased number of conversions is worrying him.
Sam Metwally, the imam of Canada’s Ottawa Mosque, told CBC News that he witnessed “the biggest number” of conversions he has seen after the deadly shootings outside the Canadian parliament on Oct. 22.
Metwally said anywhere from 15 to 20 men in their 20s to 30s have come to the mosque to convert since the shootings.
“This is the biggest number after an event like this happens, and it was strange,” he said.
What is worrying for the Muslim community is that the new converts are not returning back to the mosques for further education about Islam.
“We try to give them our contacts, we try to encourage them to come again, but unfortunately the vast, vast majority of new converts, they come once and they disappear,” Metwally said.
“They never come back again. And this is a big concern for us.”
Some Muslim leaders demand a strict policy in place at all mosques across Ottawa, requiring potential converts to take a course in order to understand the religion.
“What we’ve been hearing from converts for years is that the Muslim community actually needs to do more for converts,” Amira Elghawaby, a member The National Council of Canadian Muslims, said.
She added: “The community needs to be providing more Muslim 101 classes, we need to be inviting people who are new to the faith to come in and learn.”
Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the man behind the parliament shooting in October, was a convert to Islam.
Before converting, he was a habitual offender, drug addict and slept in shelters on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, according to reports.
Before his Parliament Hill stunt, Zehaf-Bibeau, was asked to leave a Vancouver mosque he attended since he objected to its policy of allowing in non-Muslims.