The Infidel Task Force

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Time To Stand Together

THEY attacked us on September 11 2001. The death toll was 2998 innocent people. Muslims danced in the streets. Since then Radical Islamists have been killing American citizens who have done nothing but lived their lives and loved their country. In 2010 a muslim cleric wanted to open a mosque two minutes walking distance from the Twin Towers. American patriots stood up against it. They offer NO apologies, they give NO respect.
  This September 11th, muslims plan a "Million Muslim March" on Washington DC to show their alliance against "injustices". "INJUSTICES"!!  They should march with their heads down and be ashamed for who they are!! They give NO respect to this country or its people who have given them everything they have wanted. And they still want more. Muslims want to be superior in any land they plant their assess in. In Europe muslim youths protest, riot, rape and create violence for their adopted countrymen. They terrorize the populace with hatred and violence. In the US Muslim organizations such as CAIR threaten and carry out law suits against anyone who tells the truth about Islam. THIS is how they shut us up. NO RESPECT!!.
  Americans treat their neighbors and friends in friendly manner. Not all Americans, but most  do . There is no animosity from most Americans. But muslim Americans say they get no respect. They are bullied. They are being targeted by the FBI, the police, the CIA, Homeland security, the PTA, Infidel Task Force and just about everyone in general. Foreign born muslims scream louder, foreign born Islamic clerics speak the loudest. And those are the guys that cause the most trouble.
  Now muslims intend on marching in Washington DC. And when do they intend to march? On the anniversary of the day  they sent their vicious savage killers to crash into two skyscrapers, explode FOUR  aircraft and kill as many Americans as they can. Its not a march against "injustice", its a VICTORY march and don't let anyone say differently. Its a victory march for the savages that killed our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers and friends and lovers on our land. And it will not stop, it will happen again.
  Lets put our hands together and stand with our heads held high. Let us shout with our voices and that we will not be afraid, we will not back down. Spread the word onto every web site, every blog, all  social media and newspaper that we can get too. America is not afraid, we will not be threatened. We will not deter in our goal of removing radical Islam from our shore.
    Americans will not let one of the saddest days in history be disrespected by violent induced savages. They will not take that from us. They will not change our Constitution, nor our freedoms. They will not take from us the right to speak our minds and hearts, and if they are offended, they can do what the good Christians do and that is to turn the other cheek. It is time to stand together and fight  the people who wish to rule us, to kill us, to conquer us. Time to be Americans!!

Let our voices speak loud and clear and strong. Together we will stand up against this radical ideology and together we will sever the Bloody Hands of Islam!!