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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feds: Sudbury man planned terrorist attacks at shopping malls

By Laura Crimaldi and Laurel J. Sweet Wednesday, October 21, 2009 -

A 27-year-old man from Sudbury has been arrested on charges he planned terrorism attacks inside and outside the United States, including a plot to use automatic weapons to open fire at shoppers and emergency responders in shopping malls, federal prosecutors said today.

Tarek Mehanna, of 6 Fairhaven Circle, is accused of conspiring with Ahmad Abousamra and others to obtain the automatic weapons needed to carry out a mall ambush in which they planned to open fire at random, said Acting U.S. Attorney Michael K. Loucks. Mehanna was already out on bail from a federal arrest last year, charged with lying during a terrorism probe.

Mehanna was arrested at his home at 6 a.m. this morning and booked at the Sudbury police station before being turned over to federal authorities. Federal agents have searched Mehanna’s home and say he is a U.S. citizen. A bail hearing has been scheduled for 1:30 p.m. in federal court.

Abousamra left the United States for Syria on Dec. 26, 2006, officials said. He said he would be back within a month after visiting his wife, but has never returned, officials said.

“At this time we don’t believe there are any active terrorist cells in this area,” said FBI special-agent-in-charge Warren T. Bamford.

The plot included plans to fire at emergency responders, but was abandoned because the men could not obtain the weapons, authorities said. They declined to name the mall or malls the men were targeting.

“We live in a free country. We don’t live in a police state. We do have places where if someone wants to do a terrorist act they can probably accomplish it,” said Loucks at a press conference. “We do our best. It’s amazing it hasn’t happened yet.”

Prosecutors also allege the men discussed participating in violent Jihad against American interests and their desire to die on the “battlefield.” The crimes are alleged to have taken place between 2001 and 2008.

Mehanna and Abousamra are also accused of traveling to Yemen in 2004 to find a terrorist training camp and learn how to engage in jihad, officials said.

Sudbury police chief Richard Glavin said he expects residents to be surprised by the development. There had been no calls for service to Mehanna’s home, where he lives with his parents, he said.

“I’m sure that people are concerned and alarmed,” said Glavin. “Regardless of where this occurred, in Sudbury or in other communities, this is obviously of concern to everyone.”

Mehanna was charged with lying to FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force investigators last year during a probe into whether Daniel Maldonado was participating in al-Qaeda training in Somalia. He was arrested in November 2008 at Logan International Airport while boarding a plane to Saudi Arabia for that offense. He was out on bail from that arrest when he was apprehended this morning.

In that case, FBI investigators interviewed Mehanna on Dec. 16, 2006, according to a federal complaint. The FBI alleges Mehanna knew Maldonado was training for jihad in Somalia. Further, the complaint states Maldonado was encouraging Mehanna to join him there.

Mehanna told the FBI Maldonado was working for a Web site in Egypt and had infrequent contact with him, the complaint states. The FBI asserted Maldonado had contacted Mehanna three times from Somalia on Dec. 12, 2006.

Maldonado was arrested in February 2007 near the Somalia border by Kenyan authorities on charges he trained at al-Qaeda camps in Somalia, the complaint states.

- This is the fifth attempted terror attack in the US in about 90 days. THANK GOD FOR OUR ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES!!! How long before one of these become succesful?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mass man accused of plot to kill U.S politicians

BOSTON – A Massachusetts man and two friends tried and failed to get into terrorist training camps and then plotted to kill two prominent U.S. politicians and randomly shoot people at American shopping malls, authorities said Wednesday.

Tarek Mehanna, who recently taught at a Muslim school in Worcester, was arrested early Wednesday at his parents' suburban Boston home. Mehanna was charged with conspiring with two other men — an American now in Syria and another man who is cooperating with authorities — to provide support to terrorists.

Ultimately, the trio never came close to pulling off an attack. Authorities say they never got the terrorist training they sought — that the men told friends they were turned down because of their nationality, ethnicity or inexperience, or that the people they'd hoped would get them into such camps were either in jail or on a religious pilgrimage.

The men abandoned the mall attack plans after their weapons contact said he could find only handguns, not automatic weapons.

The men used code words such as "peanut butter and jelly" for fighting in Somalia and "culinary school" for terrorist camps, and talked extensively of their desire to "die on the battlefield," according to court documents.

Mehanna, who has taught math and religion at Alhuda Academy, made a defiant court appearance hours after his arrest. He refused to stand to hear the charge against him and finally did — tossing his chair loudly to the floor — only after his father urged him to do so.

"This really, really is a show," his father, Ahmed Mehanna, said as his son was being led away in handcuffs. When asked if he believed the charges against his son, he said, "No, definitely not."

Prosecutors said Mehanna worked with two men from 2001 to May 2008 on the conspiracy that, over time, intended to "kill, kidnap, maim or injure" soldiers and two politicians who were members of the executive branch but are no longer in office. Authorities refused to identify the politicians and said they were never in danger.

Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Loucks said the men justified the planned attacks on malls because U.S. civilians pay taxes to support the U.S. government and because they are "nonbelievers," Loucks said. He refused to identify the targeted malls.
Mehanna — who received a doctorate in 2008 from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston, where his father is a professor — allegedly conspired with Ahmad Abousamra, who authorities say is now in Syria.

Mehanna, 27, is being held without bail until his next court appearance on Oct. 30.

"I'm confident that the American people will put aside their fears and instead rely on the fairness guaranteed by our Constitution," said his attorney, J.W. Carney Jr. "Mr. Mehanna is entitled to that."

Rola Yaghmour, 20, of Shrewsbury and her family are friends with the Mehannas and she said she couldn't believe the new charges against Mehanna, calling him a "good man."

"He's not going to go crazy in a mall. There's no way he would do something like that," she said. "I read it and I was laughing, and I was like, 'They have to be kidding.' Because there's no way he would do something like that. It makes no sense. I was in shock. That's not like him at all nor his family, nothing of them at all."

Mehanna first was arrested in November and charged with lying to the FBI in December 2006 when asked the whereabouts of Daniel Maldonado, who is now serving a 10-year prison sentence for training with al-Qaida to overthrow the Somali government.

Authorities said Wednesday that Mehanna and his conspirators had contacted Maldonado about getting automatic weapons for their planned mall attacks, but he told them he could only get handguns.

Court documents filed by the government say that in 2002, Abousamra became frustrated after repeatedly being rejected to join terror groups in Pakistan — first Lashkar e Tayyiba, then the Taliban.

"Because Abousamra was an Arab (not Pakistani) the LeT camp would not accept him, and because of Abousamra's lack of experience, the Taliban camp would not accept him," Williams wrote in the affidavit.

Mehanna and Abousamra traveled to Yemen in 2004 in an attempt to join a terrorist training camp, according to court documents.

Mehanna allegedly told a friend, the third conspirator who is now cooperating with authorities, that their trip was a failure because they were unable to reach people affiliated with the camps.

Abousamra said he was rejected by a terror group when he sought training in Iraq because he was American, authorities said.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sharia Law and the US Constitution

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Sharia Law and the US ConstitutionBy Louis Palme
Oct 14, 2009

Americans are among the most tolerant and patriotic people in the world. As a nation of immigrants, there is a certain appeal to the idea of multiculturalism where people of different backgrounds are accepted in our communities. Our nation was founded on the principles of equality and freedom, and we have invested our resources and blood over and over again to defend those principles. Our constitution guarantees not only the freedom of speech, but also the freedom to practice our religion of choice. So it is not surprising that many Americans see Sharia Law as a Muslim religious prerogative which we should support or at least tolerate. Banks have rushed to provide Sharia-compliant banking, and public institutions like universities and airports have spent taxpayer dollars to help Muslims comply with their religious requirements, providing special foot-baths and prayer rooms for them.

If anyone speaks out against Sharia Law, there is often a strong reaction within the Muslim community. This month, Dalia Mogahed, President Obama’s advisor on Muslim affairs, complained on British television that the Western view of Sharia was “oversimplified” and misunderstood. While acknowledging that even Muslims associate Sharia with draconian criminal punishments and laws that seem unequal for women, she stated, “Part of the reason there is this perception of Sharia is because Sharia is not well understood and Islam as a faith is not well understood.” The London-based Islam Channel panel she was on made repeated attacks against secular “man-made Law” and the West’s “lethal cocktail of liberty and capitalism.” Ms. Mogahed described her government role as “to convey . . to the President and other public officials what it is Muslims want.”


A similar reaction took place in a recent US Congressional hearing on the dangers posed by political Islam. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, one of the most prominent Muslim reformers in the United States, testified, “I think if Muslims want credibility and we want to be respected equally, we need to stand for reform within our faith of [Sharia] laws that are still in the 15th and 16th Century.” He explained that the jihadists will not be defeated until Muslims start to recognize that their ideology is on a slippery slope toward radicalism. In response to this testimony, Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D, Mn) delivered a verbal tirade that accused Dr. Jasser of encouraging anti-Muslim bigotry and attempting to censor Islamists. Ellison said to Dr. Jasser, “I think you give people license for bigotry. I think people who engage in nothing less than Muslim-hating really love you a lot because you give them freedom to do that. You say, ‘yeah, go get after them.’ . . Now is somebody going to snatch my 13-year-old daughter’s hijab off, call her a horrible name, and spit on her because of something you said, Dr. Jasser? I worry about that.”

(Source )

So, to better understand whether Sharia Law is desirable (or even legal) in the United States, it might be instructive to compare it with the US Constitution. This isn’t too difficult for the layman because the US Constitution is only 17 pages long, including its 27 amendments. Sharia Law is well-documented in the 1,200 page Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law, “The Reliance of the Traveler” by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri, and published in the United States by Amana Publications. While the original document dates to the late 14th Century, it has been updated in the 1990’s and bears the approval of the Fiqh Council of North America as well as the authoritative Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy in Egypt. The introduction to this manual states, “The four Sunni schools of Islamic Law . . are identical in approximately 75 percent of the legal conclusions. . . [T]he authors of the present volume and their positions do represent the orthodox Muslim intellectual and spiritual heritage that has been the strength of the Community for over a thousand years . . to the present day.”

While this volume of Sharia Law is primarily about the religious practice of Islam, the 800 pages of the manual devoted to rules and regulations also include sections on Trade, Inheritance, Marriage (suitable partners, legal rights, custody), Divorce, and Justice which would fall under civil law in the United States. Those sections comprise 35% of the manual, and are among the most controversial because they impose draconian punishments, authorize jihad, and sanction discrimination on the basis of religion and gender.

The summary below highlights the serious disconnects between the provisions of the US Constitution and those of Sharia Law.


US Constitution

Article I - All legislative Powers shall be vested in the Congress.

Sharia Law

The source of legal rulings for all acts of those who are morally responsible is Allah. (a1.1) It is not a sin to comply with man-made laws that require buying auto insurance or having a photo ID because “the authorities are responsible for the sin, not the individual forced to comply.” (w42.3 and w50.4)


US Constitution

Section 8 – Powers of Congress include to levy taxes, to make laws, and to declare war.

Sharia Law
It is obligatory to obey the commands and interdictions of the caliph or his representative in everything that is lawful, even if he is unjust . . because the purpose of his authority is Islamic unity, which could not be realized if obeying him were not obligatory. (o25.5) The caliph or his representative have the duty of undertaking jihad if their territory borders on enemy lands, of dividing the spoils of battle, and of remitting a fifth for “deserving recipients.” (o25.9(8))
Jihad is obligatory for everyone when the enemy has surrounded the Muslims. (o9.3) It is permissible in jihad to cut down the enemy’s trees and destroy their dwellings. (o9.1)


US Constitution

Article II, Section I -- Qualifications of a President – He must be a natural born citizen, thirty-five years old, and a resident for fourteen years. The President is elected by ballot by the people (via the Electors) and shall serve for no more than 2 four-year terms.

No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

Sharia Law
A caliph must be a Muslim, a non-slave, a male, of the Quraysh tribe, etc. (o25.0)
The Caliph appoints a group to select his successor among themselves. There is no a term of office. However, the caliphate of someone who seizes power is considered valid, even though his act of usurpation is disobedience, in view of the danger from anarchy and strife that would otherwise ensue. (o25.4(3))
(Note: The Islamic Caliphate was disbanded the Turkish Parliament in 1924.)


US Constitution

Section 4 – The President and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from office if found guilty of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Sharia Law

(No provision for removal from office.)


US Constitution

Article VI – This Constitution and the laws of the United States which shall be made under it shall be the supreme law of the land, and judges in every state shall be bound by them.

Senators and Representatives, legislative officers, all executive and judicial officers both of the United States and the several states shall be bound by a Oath or Affirmation to support the Constitution.

Sharia Law

The source of legal rulings for all acts of those who are morally responsible is Allah. (a1.1)


US Constitution

Amendment 1 – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.

Sharia Law

Non-Muslims are obliged to comply with Islamic rules that pertain to the safety and indemnity of life, reputation, and property. Non-Muslims are forbidden to openly display wine or pork, recite their scriptures, or make a public display of feast days or funerals. Non-Muslims are forbidden to build new churches. A non-Muslim may not enter a mosque without permission. The protection for non-Muslims is withdrawn if a non-Muslim commits adultery with a Muslim woman or marries her, leads a Muslim away from Islam, kills a Muslim, or says anything derogatory about Allah, the Prophet, or Islam. (o11.5 through o11.10)

US Constitution

Amendment 2 – The right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Sharia Law

It is a condition that someone buying weapons be of a people who are not at war with Muslims. (k1.2(f))
Enormities (sins) include selling weapons to non-Muslims who will use them against us. (w52.1(192))

US Constitution

Amendment 3 – No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner prescribed by law.

Sharia Law

(Not covered.) However, the Pact of Omar (636 AD) imposed on Christians in Syria, “We shall keep our gates wide open for passersby and travelers. We shall give board and lodging to all Muslims who pass our way for three days.”

US Constitution

Amendments 4 – 8 – These amendments prohibit unreasonable searches, require due process according to the law, provide for confrontation of witnesses, impose jury trial on all matters involving over $20, and prohibit excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishments. Amendment 14 provides for equal protection of the laws for all citizens.

Sharia Law

No testimony may be made by people who have lowly jobs, such as a street sweeper or a bath house attendant, or non-Muslim. (o24.2-3)

Testimony regarding fornication or sodomy requires four male eye-witnesses to the act. (o24.9)

A woman’s testimony is worth only half that of a man. (o24.10)

(There is no provision for a jury trial under Sharia Law.)

Cruel and unusual Islamic punishments include 1) stoning for adultery (o12.2); 2) scourging 40 lashes with hands, shoes, ends of clothes, or a whip for drunkenness (o16.3); 3) severing the right hand for theft of over $36 and the left foot for a repeat offense (o14.1); and 4) death for apostasy from Islam. (o8.2)

Indemnity for accidentally killing a male Muslim is 100 camels or 4,235 grams of gold. (Current value: $144,000.) Indemnity for killing a woman is half that of a man, for killing a Jew or a Christian is one-third of the indemnity paid for a Muslim. The indemnity paid for a killing Zoroastrian is one-fifteenth of that of a Muslim. The indemnity for causing a miscarriage is one slave. (o4.9)

There is no indemnity for a killing a non-Muslim at war with Muslims, an apostate, or someone sentenced to death by stoning. (o14.17)

Jews and Christians are subject to a “poll tax” not less than 1 dinar (Current value: $144) per adult male per year. No maximum is stipulated. (o11.4) This is a penalty for remaining in their ancestral religion instead of embracing the “religion of truth.” (o9.8)

A husband may beat a “rebellious” wife for 1) not allowing immediate sexual intercourse when he asks for it, at home, and if she can physically endure it; 2) answering him coldly; or 3) being averse when she was previously kind. (m5.1 and m10.12) The only limitation is that he may not break her bones, wound her, or cause bleeding.

US Constitution

Amendment 13 Slavery and involuntary servitude are abolished.

Sharia Law

The section on Slavery (k32.0) is not translated into English. The provisions remain in Arabic. The editor of “The Reliance of the Traveler” claims that these provisions are no longer applicable, yet they remain in there in the text of Sharia Law. Elsewhere, the manual states, “Originally the status of slave was simply the outcome of having been taken as a prisoner of war. A captive who could not buy his own freedom by means of ransom remained in the possession of the captor until he had earned his freedom by work or until he was granted liberty by his master.” (w13.1)

US Constitution

Amendment 21 repealed “prohibition,” thereby allowing manufacture, sale, and transport of alcoholic beverages.

Sharia Law

It is unlawful to sell grapes to someone who will make wine from them. (k4.9) “Allah cursed whoever drinks wine, gives it to others to drink, sells it, buys it, presses it for another, transports it, receives it, or eats its price.”

Enormities (sins) include drinking wine in any form or other intoxicant, even if only a drop as in medicine; pressing out the juice to make wine or other intoxicant; carrying it for purposes of drinking, or having it carried; serving it to others or having it served; selling it; buying it; having it bought or sold; consuming proceeds from selling it; or keeping wine or other intoxicant. (o16.6 and w52.1(350-361))

So, the next time someone suggests that we should be more understanding of Sharia Law, it would be fair to ask him/her what parts of our US Constitution would he/she be willing to abandon in order to accommodate Sharia Law.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Conversation with an Islamic Idiot on Youtube

Here is what the average non-muslim person gets into, when they try to ask questions to a muslim. Youtube is known for extremists and islamic excusers, and here is a good example:

Why don't muslims speak out against Radical Islamists?

Yo"BIackbootJack" Muslims all over the world speak against radical element's in their society. But its just not good enough for the Zionist machine (oooops) who want's blood. Actually western powers and my friend "Z" they really want a pre-text to go into Iraq etc etc in the name of freedom and steal all the oil while at it. Its not in their interest to see a Islam that is not "violent" hence you-tube videos like this completely designed to get an angry reaction with no intellectual basis.

How come we have never heard of any muslims standing up and denouncing violence?
Are you saying that Islamic media is afraid to publicize it?

What's interesting "BIackbootJack" is that all the Muslim countries that have lot of natural resources become top priority for the west to go and implement democracy whilst In Africa there was genocide but the west was not interested. The est knowingly put Saddam in power a known nutcase so that they will have to return to get him out of power and and at the same time steal all the oil?!?!Binladen as taught his views in Saudi, but America not a word against them, oil my friend oil!!?!!??!

Last I remember, the West does not "steal" oil. They buy it. Its a business.
But lets stay on that....If America gives BILLIONS of dollars to Arabic oil sources, why are most of the muslim people, poor and have little or no chance of wealth?

Muslims are generally well off!!!.....are you talking crap again "BIackbootJack" stop talking crap...anyway what is that to do with anything?!?!?! are u trying to make some sort of a connection with ur limited edition IQ power.

Everytime I see people in Islamic countries, all they do is walk the streets. Anyways, heres question number two:
Is it a prerequsite to hate the Jews if you are a muslim? IS it a law or something?


c'mon...I don't have all day.

(crickets are chirping here)

BBJ: it safe to ran away?

(more silence)

(watching FOX News...staring at the ceiling...rolling my eyes....)

(still more silence)



Yo"BIackbootJack" i'm back!!! son!!! i was a bit busy,was with your ..? well lets not say it here.

No!! Muslims don't hate Jews per say. But if someone is looting your house, demolishing your homes, making your life hell, its only normal to have ill feelings towards them, were only humans. But!!! we shouldn't stereotype what the 99.99% of jews are doing in Israel. In short I like a good Jew vise versa..

oh c'mon man! i already published I have to go back and re-open?

(answering another poster named Brdstfff)
No "Brdstfff" if we stop the oil you will be on your knees!!! We haev enough money to buy from any other country like the Japanese. And b4 you say i, NO!!! the oil will last forever!!!

what do you mean by "we" you control the oil? Are you one of the islamic counbtry leaders?
They will never shut off oil...they need the American money to keep their whores and mistress in line...while their people walk the street and starve, looking for jobs that don't exist

C'mon my ass "BIackbootJack" you two timing fagit, you've edited our conversation and tried to make me look bad. I went on your blogger, man you are indeeeed!! saaaad!!! I mean do you really spend all that time just to express your hate towards all the Muslims. You hate all 1.6billion Muslims. In your sick head do you think just one muslim may be a good human!?!?

I edited NOTHING you shit head!! It is copied and pasted just the way you said it!
Damn liar! Can't face the facts can you ?

I'm no country leader but i own a Ferrari and a Aston Martin, my uncle is in the oil business?!?! Anyways, Yes some of the leaders in Muslim countries are bad and its sad that their people are waking on the street with a beak future. But what's more sad that a retard like "BIackbootJack" understands that but yet you hate all 1.6billion Muslims, including the poor ones on street, who are what they are only cos thats all they knew. your sick maan!?!?

Well...if thats all they know..and they have nothing...why aren't you donating your very wealthy petro-dollars to help them get jobs and keep them from starving?
Is it that you don't want to part with your "Aston Martin" or your Ferrari"?
In your last comment you said " If WE shut off the oil"...aren't you supposed to be an Islamic Nation of One?
Where is your sense of duty to your fellow muslims?

You my dear asshole "BIackbootJack" are the shit head!!! if people watching this site view down the list of comments say ten pages back they can see your sick, repulsive, provocative language that made me say the right things but in a little wrong way?!?!? RETARD!!!

Now that is incorrect...i never did that, nor would I ever do that. You must be taking everything out of context....go back and answer my questions....I have a blog to maintain...
come on...chop chop...move it.

I use to have 7 Ferrari's and 3 Aston Martins. I gave them up and spent the money on the poor. Also produced literature to distribute to the world creating awareness of the state terrorism by the Zionist oppression of the innocent people of palestine (not Hamas). I also helped George Galloway to make clear to the world what the Zionist are doing. And we are one!!!

Uh Huh...Well...thats all very good....
I am so glad to hear that...

Makes me think back to the time I was talking to Bill Gates of Microsoft along with Bill Clinton, Idi Amin, and Glenn Beck on how to help the starving in Africa.
Did I mention I had 10 Jaguars, 5 BMW's, and 17 Rolls Royce?
But I sold them to help the starving poor in Wakapookastan
Anyways..back to our chat...
Would you mind answering the questions I asked?

Yo"BIackbootJack" is true that down below when you exceed the commenting limit and you have to put in the text in the field, it takes you about 12 attempts cos of your IQ level??!?

not takes me awhile because I am posting our chat on my blog at the same time...
keep up the good work.
answer my questions please.

Listen! "BIackbootJack" i can't be here chatting to you forever, and as a born-retard you hardly make any intellectual points anyway. I'll let you in on a secret. Everytime i go for a poop i made it my business to take my laptop to respond to your comments?! i picture you better while pooping. Ever since i've met you i've been pooping more than usual!?!
Your killing me man, C'mon!! there's a limit, i can't be shitting with you ....sorry i mean chatting with you all day.

Oh so you admit Islam is full of shit!! As if we didn't know...
Anyways..I see you did answer my questions question:
Why do the Islamic terrorists follow the Koran to the letter?

Wakapookastan, is that where your mum and dad are from!!!

......Hey!! that sounds like Pakistan!!! ..You racist redneck;s a variation of that word "pakistan" twisted in your sick mind!!!

u just said couple of comment's ago that pakistan is good!! and now this indirect racist remark!!! sick ass liar!!!

Hey!! Don't call me a liar, beater!!

Anyways..back to our very civilized conversation....

again, if you please..Why do the ISLAMIC MUSLIM Terrorists follow the Koran to the letter?

Yo "BIackbootJack" i can't answer your question cos i can't concentrate!!! the shitting and now this "yurgy1" character who can't communicate in english anyways has started to talk some other shit!!! tell him to piss off and then i'll answer your question.

Awwww...forget it...
I have to hit the toilet anyways.

Chicken shit!!!