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Friday, November 9, 2012

The ITF is back!!

 AAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhh....its great to be back!! But I have to admit, there was a time (quite a few in fact) that I wondered if it was ever going to be saved.  
 For those that did not know, the site was hijacked. How? We don't know. By whom? Again, we don't know. But someone wanted us silenced.  It malfunctioned due to a massive flood a malicious traffic to the site.
 The hosting firm ( worked hard. But I guess it was my ear piercing scream that got them to finally solve the problem. Or maybe it was my sobbing that got them to fix it so i would go away. They worked hard, I shouldn't complain. I just hope they put solutions into place so it never happens again. I guess we can only hope and pray.
 Don Laird, our number one contributor and a valued member named Ecks Why kept close contact with me during the entire time. They held my hand and patted by forehead to keep my from blowing up and ranting their ears off. The slapped my face when I said I was folding and not bringing the site back. You could tell they wanted to do something to help, but their hands are tied when your separated by miles. None the less...its great to have friends!! Thank you so much Don and XY!!
  Anyways, I'm back!!  We're back!! And we're pissed! So much has happened, so much has passed that viewers around the world who depend on the ITF for information were left to forage other sites, if they can get to them. Many of our viewers are gone now. We have to start almost from the beginning. It will take time, but our contributors are ready.
Don Laird has miles of commentaries ready to place on the home page.
We have an interview coming up that everyone will find fascinating.
Annie has graphics she wants to post and shes running out of patience.
...and Islam is still on the march.
 Stay with us folks. Keep coming back. There is big things coming.
Time to get to work!!

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