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Sunday, November 18, 2012

What to do...What to do...
   The sirens wail. Get your assess to the shelters, another rocket is coming in. Lets hope it doesn't hit the hospital or the schools.
Life in Israel. They are a remarkable people. To have to endure and live under this terror, is unthinkable. Unacceptable. Could you do it? Could you, would you tolerate 737 rockets flying in at you in just 3 days?
Place yourself in the position of Israel. How many many rocks would you take before you lost your patience and struck back. What if your neighbor didn't care about you or neighborly relations.  Or maybe he was a maniacal idiot that loved to throw garbage and feces into your yard. How long would you last before you started throwing things back? And if you went to the police, they did nothing because they didn't care. Just like the United Nations. But when you throw crap back over the fence into the neighbors yard, the cops come knocking on your door and admonish YOU for being nasty.
WE....meaning you and I...get the picture. The Islamic world does not because they are all in agreement to eliminate Israel. The United Nations doesn't get it, because there are 57 Islamic nations represented in the UN. That's a lot of oil money. Liberal America doesn't get it, because they are brainwashed to believe Israel is occupying Palestinian land. And most certainly, Europe doesn't  want to understand it, because they remember and have the secret desire to send the Jews back to the WW2 death camps.
After all, in this day and age, being tolerant of sociopathic violent, blood thirsty killers is much more fashionable then siding with those dirty Jews.
President Jimmy Carter sided with the Palestinians. Look where it got him? Need I say more?
Now we read the the Arab League  intends to go to Gaza and broker a truce. How admirable!! I am absolutley in awe. But...but...aren't they all in agreement that the elimination of Israel is the sole aim? So now onward to Gaza and peace will be stowed upon the peoples of the land.
Under certain conditions.....
Hamas will get whatever they need, do whatever they want, and continue down the terrorist avenue. Israel gets nothing. Peace will last 24 hours and the rockets will start again and the United Nations will say nothing. The Arab league will blame Israel. Obama will pick his nose. 
I never heard of the "Arab League" until today. Where were they when Syria began the slaughter and rampage of its citizens? Why didn't they speak up when Boko Haram began its African march to eliminate Christians?
The bottom line is Israel is defending itself. It is trying to maintain a safety net for its citizens. Islamists and the liberal left and media will support the Gazans and they will do what they can to demonize Israel.
The rest of us must do our best to convince the world otherwise. And the best way to do that is to tell people simply....put yourselves in the shoes of the Israelis. 
If we could only fit in those shoes.

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