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Friday, September 14, 2012

Why are the savages hoisting the black Islamic flag?

As the days pass and the barbarians continue to attack embassies with basic little defense, the nations flag is removed and replaced with the black Islamic flag. Planting a flag on opposition territory states a success in battle. The advancing army has vanquished the opposing side. This is what happens in war. So raising the flag is considered victory. ...but is this a war? According to Pres. Obama, the US is not at war with Islam. Maybe he should start listening to the proper people, because Islam is certainly at war with the US. Let us not forget he has a certain muslim* on his staff that must be filling his big ears, and they are big enough, with anti-Semitic and pro-Islamic views. So why are they using the Islamic flag and not the countries they live in? Why are the Egyptian muslims not using the Egyptian flag? Why are the Libyans using this black flag of terror? The Tunisians? The Iraqis? The Sudanese? The answer is simple. They are using this flag, because it symbolizes the army of Islam....and the approaching Caliphate. Islam is at war with the west, and the creation of the Islamic Caliphate has begun. Those staunch Infidels that frequent this web site know I have stated many, many times, Islam is on the verge of war. Islam is marching towards the creation of the Islamic caliphate. They, meaning the Muslim brotherhood along with their allies in Tehran, have been announcing this for years. It is nothing new!! Islam has stated the goals for a “United Arab States” in the form of an Islamic Caliphate shall be headquartered in Jerusalem. The “martyrs” will march to al-Quds (the Arabic name for Jerusalem). This may not come as a surprise given that back in 2006, Israeli Radio reported that Israeli-Arab Islamic cleric Sheik Ra’ad Salah also proclaimed that Jerusalem would soon become the capital of an Islamic central-state. Let the world remember that radical Islam is bent on destroying Israel and will seek the revival of a worldwide authoritarian regime based on Shariah law. They tell us this everyday. Its not news!! Look at the calender and focus on 9/11. There is a reason they chose that date to start these attacks. The war started on that date. It just takes some people longer to wake up, and the American people are late sleepers. That's why the black flag of Islam is being hoisted folks. The riots are not over by any long shot. You will see them continue and spread. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been spared, but I expect they will get the treatment soon. So be prepared. This may be the October Surprise everyone was talking about and it may be the actual start of the Islamic Caliphate. Time will tell. I just wish we had a strong, competent leader in the white house. *Huma Abedin, Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

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