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Saturday, March 24, 2012

"In a statement on Thursday, Ihsanoglu described the incident as a "deplorable act of incitement......"

Incitement. Get used to hearing that word, because it is going to be a popular term soon. This is how its done. Islam will succeed in getting our liberal progressive leaders to implement laws that will silence and prevent Americans from expressing their rights. Politicians will stand up and say..."No, no, no...please don't burn those Korans, you will put our troops/dignitaries/embassies/tourists/advisers/you name danger"

But it won't stop there. All the Islamists have to do is...hint of potential violence. Speak in terms of "lives could be lost" or CAIR whispering to Hillary Clinton...."I don't think we'll be able to control them Hillary....if...he...burns that Koran. Tsk. Tsk."

Reverend Terry Jones knows how this is done. Ask him.

Lets pretend the liberals are elected for another 4 years. What could happen?
This will happen:

We will be "discouraged" from burning korans, because it may incite violence.
We will be told to "refrain" from defaming Islam, including drawing a figure and calling it Mohammed, because it may incite violence.
We will be asked to bend over backward for our muslim brothers and sister - our fellow citizens.
Web sites will be asked to tone down the anti-muslim rhetoric or owners will be pegged as anti-American (Islamaphobic/racist)and embarrassed in the media.

Banks will be encouraged to support Sharia banking.
Special rules will be created for muslim workers, regardless of industry.
Our Constitution will be twisted and turned to the advantage of Islam. Only when it reaches into the backyards of Americans will we finally group together and speak up.
John and Alice in Georgia don't give a crap until muslims in their community start speaking up and demand special treatment. When a mosque starts construction in a quiet neighborhood of a city of 25000 will it get attention. When the muslims refuse to handle foods and drink will we sit up and take notice.
The majority of Americans, and that includes almost all of the American youth, are still ignorant of the snake that is creeping across this country, and they will stay asleep until it appears in their city or town, and it will. Because Islam is marching all over this land and planting its feet where it knows it will garner the least attention. Tennessee, Florida, Iowa, currently have mosque concerns.
The youth of America will be one of our greatest challenges. They are taught in college that "America is a country of haters and Islamists are our friends that need our help and protection. The Arab spring is bringing Democracy to the muslim youth - your brothers and sister overseas."
We cannot count on the young Americans to realize the danger they are unwittingly assisting in this country.
Don't believe me, ask your kids.

Its happening. We are on the fringe of losing our rights. All in the name of political correctness towards Islam. Americans are being silenced, and not a bullet is fired.


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