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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A letter from a very intelligent man

From: "0000"
Subject: Re: Fw: Love it.......
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012

Hello Jim,

I was away for a bit and may be heading back up north again. I will know more next week.

I haven't been writing much lately, not for lack of material but rather time and inspiration or the shortage of the same.

I have had a great deal to think about with respect to the efficacy of my writing and blogs in general. I am concerned that we are losing the war of giving proper exposure to the advances of islam and muslims.

I am at a crossroads so to speak.

I am convinced of the need for blogs and bloggers and the exposure they bring to the table of debate regarding islam and the fight against the same. Each of us brings to the fight a skill set which is a reflection of ability, opportunity, time, financial limitations, motivation and talent. To not partake in the fight against islam and muslims with whatever is at your disposal is to further their agenda and final solutions. So regardless of the significance of the contribution, significance being largely subjective in its quantification, at least they make one.

That said, there is an incredible amount of ignorance out there amongst the public with respect to islam and sharia. The corrosive effect of this ignorance is made exponentially greater by the apathy that goes hand and hand with it. As far as blogs are concerned, most people are completely unaware of them save for those of us who use the internet and or are knee deep in counterjihad.

So the questions loom large.........

What to do?.

Is blogging, aside from the effect it has amongst a small community and occasional hot potatoes and politically influential revelations, largely an exercise in self gratification.....simply literary masturbation?

Is anything to be done?

How to defeat this ignorance and apathy?

Is the battle already lost?

Are the people we fight for worth the fight and the sacrifice?

It is these sorts of questions I have been asking myself as of late, questions for which I am still seeking answers.

On a side note, relating to something I have noticed repeatedly, certainly one of the greatest impediments to success is the capricious arrogance and egotistical fawning that is a reflection of some of the bloggers personalities. Many of them, having enjoyed marginal success, consider themselves something of a celebrity, placing the message in a subordinate position to their reputations and egos. For many of these men and women there appears to be something of a "club" to join where newcomers are left standing outside with hats in hand....rather silly when you think about it......but then I've never been a fan of clubs.

I am also very unimpressed with the need or desire for anonymity of bloggers. As far as I'm concerned this hiding simply reinforces the resolve of the islamists. I don't recommend revealing addresses and telephone numbers but cowering in a corner is neither my style nor is it conducive to the open confrontation required to put islam and muslims in their place.........back to Africa and the Middle East.

There is also a bizarre side to some of the bloggers. I recall one blog I had posted quite a few pieces to that when, for reasons relating to the efficacy of the blog, I pulled my posts and stopped contributing to it, went on a smear campaign. She sent out a mass email to many of the blogs complaining about me and my lack of patience etc etc etc....I was a little surprised at that one.

So, to answer your question about BNI and her refusal to link to your blog I would just ignore it. She is entitled to make that call regardless of how you feel. Personally, I would have not placed your explanation about her refusal to link on your all honesty Jim.....and this may sting a makes you look petty and childish. I would pull the piece......if it makes you feel better, I have written quite a few articles and have, on occasion, sent BNI an email....I have never received a response.....I could care less.

I think simply looking at the very professional and well written blogs like Jihadwatch and Atlas Shrugs as well of the many educational and informative blogs is the best example for a blogging model to emulate. Maybe that will answer your question. Personally I think your blog is very well done and is a needed contribution to the fight against islam....I would spend your time on Infidel Task Force and not worry about others.

So, to sum up.....I am not sure where I am going to turn with respect to the future......time will tell.

But I wanted to wish you and yours a belated Merry Christmas and hope that this New Year will find you surrounded by those you love and those who love you. I trust you are standing on the edge of a year that will be filled with good fortune and good health.

In closing...don't worry...I am not bowing out.....just rethinking strategy.

Regards, Don Laird
Edson, Alberta, Canada

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