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Thursday, December 29, 2011

There ain't nothin' wrong with our site!!

I'm not one to be a cry baby, but something such as this...well, it just bothers the crap out of me. I am a firm believer that our site is a pretty good one. Good resources. Up to date information. Great participation from our staff. News and commentaries. Then out of the blue we get a guy that thinks he can decide which site is just ok, and which are "highly developed."

I was on Infidels United the other day and this member was lsiting web sites to go too. I threw ours in just to be funny and he comes back with this:

" Great work for those who have the time to scroll through it all. Can it be redone to be placed in categories? It's not bad but I'm going to try to limit my list to the higher developed sites, or at least I think I am. All I know is that I appreciate your great effort & what you're doing to alert and educate about Islam. "

I guess he didn't see the menu which "categorized" different Islamic Subject matter. He must have liked it because he said......"not bad". Ooooh.....not bad. But I guess we are not of the "higher developed" sites. Oh darn.

I responded with:

" The ITF gets a pretty decent hit count.
we have a nice size following. Tons of information and resources for people who are serious in fighting the threat of radical Islam. Unlike other sites, ours is not run by the size of our egos.
I don't appreciate the comment .."higher developed sites."
We at the ITF are very proud of what we produce. "

I think he means well, and I'm sure it was his first time visiting the ITF, so he is not familiar with our "rich content". How is that for a description? "Rich Content" If he was a regular visitor, I'm sure he would have a different opinion, but maybe I should see his site just to be sure. Problem is, I don't know the path.

Listen....what I'm trying to get at is if your going to produce a list of the Anti-Radical Islamic sites. Don't pick and choose. We are all in this together. Some sites are better maintained and others aren't. Some are done by one person, others have teams. Some sites are well known and MANY others are not.

I discover new sites everyday.

But...EVERY site is important! There are no little sites that do nothing. If some have no comments on their threads, we should help them. Get the word out!! Publicize all the web sites. Granted Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch and Bare Naked Islam and some others like to think of themselves as GODS and Goddesses of the bandwith, but they have also let the sites grow as big as their swelled heads. They truly want to educate the masses.....but they are looking out for their own hit counts as well, believe me.

The Infidel Task Force is in partnership with some GREAT sites well known to everyone. Sites like...Blazing Cat Fur and Tundra Tabloids and 1389. I can't list them all here so take a look at our blog list. Those sites came through and teamed with us when we were young and just starting. And they are with us still. Those sites and others, send us a lot of readers. And we are grateful to them.

All I'm asking is that one does not categorize sites or presume they are small and unworthy of mention. There is a deadly threat out there willing to kill and conquer us. We are all in this together, and the sooner we all realize that, the better.

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