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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Longhorn Project

The Longhorn Project
     What if you could start a project that would help to feed and sustain millions of people for the rest of their lives? Would you do it? Most people would say "Of course." But only a few will actually take the challenge and plunge into it with full steam. Robin Rosenblatt actually did it.
I was recently introduced to an organization  that is currently  struggling to get off the ground. It is called The Longhorn Project, and its goal is to bring Texas Longhorn cattle to Israel. Why the Longhorn? Because what Israel has now is the beef cattle of America. A breed that is used to temperate grassy plains and moderate temperatures.  They were put into Israel’s hostile desert environment where there is little or no grass. Because of that, these cattle lost resiliency to diseases and lowered birth rates. Predators  like jackals and wolves  took advantage of the docile nature and continue to kill the cattle population.
 The area is completely hostile and attacks by local Arabs is never ending. Israeli ranches are being attacked, their land is being stolen and their passive European cattle are being mutilated, ears, noses and even heads are being cut off, and killed by local Palestinians.
 This is where the introduction of the Texas Longhorns will be a viable alternative. These cattle can eat invasive shrubs and cacti, which are overwhelming the Galilee. Longhorns have higher reproduction rates and very low loss rates, which is beneficial for excellent calving and mothering abilities. They can go further and longer with less water and are highly resistant to diseases
The Longhorn is a perfect fit in the Israeli environment.
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   I had the opportunity to talk to Robin Rosenblatt, the coordinator of the Texas Longhorn Project, and I learned that its far from complete and with miles to go.
 “I’m doing this personally because there is no committee, and I need help. I guess you could say I’m looking for a business man to guide us.”
 Seeing that Rosenblatt is from the west coast, I asked if he has managed to secure funding from the left wingers in Hollywood. He told me that only Chuck Norris responded with funding. No other assistance was forthcoming.  To his dismay, and as many of us already know…Hollywood is in love with the Palestinians, and they create many of the roadblocks.
 To date Rosenblatt has sent out hundreds of e-mails daily. Thousands of letters looking for those individuals that can help make this dream a reality. In order to achieve this he puts in ten hours a day. Vacations are not in the plan.
  “It is a constant struggle.”  Listening to him talk I could hear the weariness in his voice. This is a man with a vision, but he must climb mountains first
The goal is to capture $265, 000.00 to obtain sustainability. But even if the funds start trickling in, he can move forward. This is a life time achievement, and a mission that many people never get to attain. Think of the benefits to a people that need the food to live their lives. The benefits to a country that truly deserves it.
All he needs is support. Our support.  You and me.
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