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Monday, January 14, 2013

 This commentary is in response to an article recently published on the Huffington Post. The article dealt with the anti-jihad ads currently going up in the metro areas.

To Readers of the Huff Po
 This is incredible. After reading some of the comments from what I assume to be Huffpo "regulars", now I understand why they call the Huffington post the home of the left wing lunatics.
The comments broach Bush and Iraq and religion....none that I could see even touch on the subject of radical Islam and Jihad. Don't you folks get it? Do you not even read the news. Ms Geller knows what she is talking about because she reads and hears what Radical Islamists are doing around the world. EDUCATE yourselves  people!!
Neither Geller nor anyone else supporting these ads are associating muslims with jihad. We associate Jihad with Jihadis, Radical Islamists......SAVAGES!! For anyone else to say otherwise is ludicrous. Those that are against the ads are doing the association, not Geller, not Spencer, not any of us.
 Do any of you know what is going on in North Africa to Christians?
Do you know how many churches have been burned and people slaughtered? All in the name of Islam? NO you don't.
Do any of you realize that Islam in Europe is taking over countries at a rate faster then rabbits can reproduce?
How about Belgium? Whats the capitol of Belgium? Brussels? OH YEAH 25 % muslim in Brussels. In less than 20 years they're expected to be the majority. Then in comes Shariah Law. Maybe the majority of muslims want to live in peace and get along with everyone and respect their countries laws....but that don't mean squat if Islamic leaders want Shariah. Its what the leaders, clerics, mullahs want, and they will dictate to the muslim crowd.
Take your blinders off and look at Islam in the middle East and North Africa. It is not pretty. Muslim in America may be oh so goodie, but muslims overseas are listening to the leaders and they are doing what Islam tells them.
Knock off the "Its all Bush's fault"
You people are basically ignorant of the Islamic threat. Ignorant and blind.
  - Blackboot Jack

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