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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Islamism on the Attack

You can bet your next paycheck that another attack is imminent. Its coming, and its very near.

Just take a look at 2009....6 attempted attacks and one succesful attack causing the death of 13 and injuring 22. And we are so complacent about it.

When will our leaders wake up and do their damn jobs and follow the Constitution. That is to maintain the safety and security of the American people.

I gave Obama a lot of space, but my patience is wearing thin. Elections in 2010 are going to be interesting.

Another thing I don't understand, is the news media and the American people themselves. Do they not see anything going on?

Look at decades never or seldom heard of radicalize Islam terror attacks.

NOW...a day doesn't go by when its mentioned in the media. You see it on the news "crawl" at the bottom of the television screen. Everyday! Every damn day!!

Whenever there is an attack or attempted terror attack, our leaders set up new rules or new regulations. How about being a little pro-active for a change?

Start getting the CIA and the FBI and the Homeland Security working in tandem. Start sharing information.

Review and renew the Patriot Act...NOW!!

Maintain Gitmo, keep it open. Send all islamic terrorist there and hold them forever. When word gets around that if you get caught, your jailed for life. They do not get the protection of the US Constitution.

Stop muslim immigration. Immediately.

Allow the FBI to do its job!! Servailance on Islamic mosques is imperative.

Wherever you go...keep your eyes and ears open. My daughter just flew back to Denver and she profiled the people in the airport. She sat next to a man, she thought might be Middle-Eastern and she kept her eyes on him. This is what everybody has to do.

Most Americans do not realize...that if they report suspicious activity...they are immune from any law suit that may be brought from the accused. They will not be sued!! This is a fact, its the LAW!

We are at war.

Americans are afraid to cause a stir. They are afraid they may offend someone. We are so politcally correct, we are putting our lives in danger. Americans don't want to grasp the thought, that there are thugs out there, that want to kill us!! They want us dead. They want our children dead. Islamic militants hate us and everything we stand for. For whatever reason extremist feel they are fighting for, they want us dead.

Islam is to be the dominate religion in America.

Israel is to leave Palestine.

America will have Shariah Law.

Whatever the reason. They are here, and it only takes a few.

In the coming months, something is going to change with our governemnt. Either they are going to get wise to Islamic radicals and start doing what we elected them to do and that is to keep us safe.Or they simply will give up, apologize and let the Islamist run amok in our country. Already we see more and more radicals standing and preaching on street corners, promoting the over throw of the government and the implementation of Shariah Law.

The only thing keeping them at bay right now is FOX News and the internet.

So there will be more attacks. And if the Obama administration keeps its eyes and ears closed, we are all doomed.

What will it take? A downed airliner? Or something a little more deadly?

Maybe a school takeover?

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