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Monday, December 28, 2009


"As-Sabiqun is an Islamic movement that believes in the Islamic State of North America no later than 2050. Those who engage in this great effort require a high level of commitment and determination. We are sending out a call to the believers: Join with us in this great struggle to change the world!"

-Imam Musa, the Washington, DC, imam who supports jihad terror and Islamic supremacism.

I believe Abu Bakr Ba'shir puts the situation in the easiest to understand light for us Kuffar: "The path taken by many political parties in their effort to establish an Islamic regime is not the right path, because these parties adopt democracy. Democracy is not an Islamic means. Democracy runs counter to Islam, because it emphasizes the sovereignty of the people, whereas Islam emphasizes the sovereignty of Allah.
Thus, if we are to submit to the law of Allah, Muslims have no choice but to say: 'We hear and obey.' In democracy, Allah's commands may be open to discussion, and if we agree with them, we accept them, but if we do not agree with them, we reject them. Herein lies the flaw. Therefore, as long as the Islamic political parties endeavor to adhere to Islam by means of democracy, they will not achieve their goal

"It is a duty… We are duty-bound to establish an Islamic state, and the Muslims are duty-bound to live in an Islamic country. Muslims are forbidden to live in an infidel country. Sheik Fawzan Al-Fawzan issued a fatwa forbidding Muslims to live in the countries of the infidels. That is why we are committed to establishing an Islamic state.

The path that the Prophet Muhammad bid us to take is the path of preaching and Jihad. Waging Jihad is the proper conduct. That is why it is essential to establish an Islamic state by means of preaching and Jihad. We have tried to do this in Indonesia, by committing ourselves to Islamic preaching."

Islam by its very existence us sedition. Mr. Bakr Ba’shir understands the Koran well, and bases his assessment on his perfect understanding of the Islamic imperative. We would do well to listen to him, and heed his words.

I like our country the way it is.
There are already too many "Islamic" states in the world, but I'm sure that one of them will allow you to immigrate to it.
Think of it! Sharia law is already imposed. Women are property. You can own slaves. Dhimmis have been subdued (or killed). Everybody knows (or is afraid to admit otherwise) that the Qur'an is the perfect book. All the other books are burned. Imagination is dead. Women are "dressed" in cloth Hefty bags.
This is as close to Paradise that a Muslim can get! Why live in the decadent West? Get yourself back to your posse! You'll feel so much better.
Frankly, so will we.

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