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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pakistan - I spit on you!!

Yeah I'm mad...... Pakistan: I spit on you!! I can only hope that something God awful happens to that country and its uneducated ignorant people. The leaders are idiots and the clerics run the country. How can people like these condone violence against non-muslims? But they do!! I can honestly say, reading articles like this make me wish someone would line those Islamic clerics up against a wall and blow their brain matter out. What little they have. I demand to know how much money is sent to Pakistan, because I would demand that money stop. Let the Taliban come down and take over. So what!! If that is what they want....give it to them. Give them the submission that Allah demands. Let them have their 7th century ways, I don't care.

"Islam is Pakistan’s sole identity and there is no room for secularism and its believers in this country, deputy Secretary General, Jama’at-e-Islami Hafiz Sajid Anwar said here while addressing the Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque.
He said a Muslim could not tolerate blasphemy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and even the Interior Minister Rehman Malik had told media that if someone committed blasphemy in his presence, he would shoot him to death."

"If someone committed blasphemy in his presence he would shoot them to death." That's how they think. Allah before life. Death before dishonor to Allah. Allah before your children. Honor before family. Muslims are bad enough...male muslims are total idiots. Pakistani male muslims should be locked up.

"Hafiz Sajid Anwar exhorted the rulers to learn a lesson from Salmaan Taseer’s murder as none of the official Khatibs and Imams was ready to lead his funeral prayer. He said there was consensus of the Ummah that blasphemy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was punishable by death."

There!! Now you can see it. Blasphemy of the "holy prophet" is punishable by death. Well then hows this: "Allah is Satan. Mohammed was a rapist and pedophile. Allah is deaf, dumb and blind and he's probably a village idiot. ...and....and...oh yeah...Islam is of the devil."

Please send that to your buddies in Paki-terror-stan and give them my regards. Now I have one more quote;

"Addressing the Friday congregation at Syed Maudoodi Institute mosque Hafiz Muhammad Idrees said Salmaan Taseer’s murder should be an eye opener for the other rulers who were clamouring against the Blasphemy Law. Referring to Rehman Malik’s statement that he would shoot down a blasphemer, he asked what crime Mumtaz Qadri had committed. He said the protection of the minorities in the country also lay in obedience to the law of the country. He said that Islam guaranteed protection of the minorities. (Yeah RIGHT!! Thats why Christian Copts are being killed everyday. Islam protects no one except the muslim man. Everyone else suffers. Don't lie to us cleric.)He advised the anti-Islam elements in the country to stop attacks on Islam and study it thoroughly. He said that the western powers could cow down the Muslim rulers but not the Muslim masses."

Look idiot...the current western powers may bow down before muslims rulers...but if you let the western masses loose we will show you just how much we are capable of. DON'T .. and I really mean...DON'T try our patience. We can change the clueless and castrated politician we have now. So that the next ones will have some courage to go up against Islamic idiots such as yourself. So don't screw around with the American people.

Stop all financial aide to Pakistan...NOW!

.......there! I feel better now. You? - BBJ

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