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Monday, August 24, 2009

The New Muslim

If islam, was truly a religion of peace. We would all be here extolling the virtues of said wonderful religion. Instead we are here to let everyone know that in reality, islam is a very violent, vicious, hating, and bloodthirsty cult.
Its as simple as that.
Everyday all over the world, muslims send us great examples of just how deadly islam is. From the USA to Africa.
From honor killing of apostates to slavery in the Saudi Repub.
Its time for real muslims to take stock of their religion.

muslims keep telling us , islam is peace. .
then we hear of bombings in Iraq.
islam is peace.
then we hear of raped detainees in Iran.
islam is peace.
and a bus is blown up killing 12.
islam is peace.
and a hotel is bombed killing 156.
Is islam really peace? that's not what devote muslims are showing us. Instead they say, those extremists are not real muslims.
Then are those extremists reading a different koran?
I don't think so. I think they are following it to the letter

Right now, this very day...there are 44 violent locations going on in the world. Some more severe then others. Most of these areas are in Africa.
Sudan, Darfur, Ehtiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia...and you know what they have in common?
everyone entails muslims fighting. that's right!!
All these areas of violence..and that is 44...are being done by devote islamists. Islamists that read the koran faithfully. They are not your average muslim, they are the ones causing trouble.

Muslims love to say:
"We are not violent. Read the Qu'ran for yourself to see. Its the Americans that are killing muslims."
Well, all we have to do is watch the media form all over the world. What is happening? Its muslim killing muslim. In Iraq, In Afghanistan, In almost every area in Africa. As to muslims are taking out the Jews too. Rockets fire into Israel almost daily.
So where is the United Nations on this? Where are they, when the muslims cause trouble?
Conveniently silent.

Well, as the free world sees it. Muslim extremists run the islam religion. And that is a shame. Because what this does, is just cause the regular average muslim, like those that expose the virtue of peace, on make excuses for their bloodthirsty brothers. Doing so they try to point the finger in every other direction but themselves.
That's why we always hear:
"its the Jews fault"
"Its Americas fault"
The finger is pointed elsewhere to try to get attention away from islam..

Blaming others to hide the violence of islam is a very old trick. But its not working anymore. All we have to do, is read the papers, listen to the news and watch the articles on the Internet.
The media is not making any of this up. All they do is report the news. And what they report about islam is pure evil and destruction.

9/11 did more for the demise of the stature of slam then anything ever reported.
I guess because of that, we have to thank those 19 radical extremists.

So anyways...that's islam in a nutshell.
As I said earlier, if islam was a religion of peace....we would not have all those web sites...
news articles...
grassroots committees.....
or those 44 different wars involving muslims...

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