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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eve of Destruction

"The eastern world, it is exploding
Violence flarin’, bullets loadin
You’re old enough to kill, but not for votin
You don’t believe in war, but what’s that gun you’re totin
And even the Jordan River has bodies floatin’"

Does anyone remember the old Barry McGuire song? I do. I remember sitting in my bedroom at the age of nineteen, listening to the numbers being called for the draft. The lower the number, the better chance you were going in the Army. Your next destination? Viet Nam. My number was 123.

But that is a story for another day.........

Its 2009, and look at the lyrics. They are as current today as they were in 1969. The only differences, we are closer to the edge then we were back then. Iraq is winding down, Afghanastan is building up.
The Taliban is in Pakistan and being appeased. Its only a matter of time before that country is totally under Taliban control. Pakistan knows it. Taliban knows it. It has just been announced that Obama wants to pursue better relations with "moderate" Taliban. Is there such a thing? maybe he knows something we don't. Perhaps there were moderate Nazis too.
Pakistan has nukes.

The U.N.'s top human-rights body approved a proposal backed by Muslims nations Thursday urging the passage of laws around the world protecting religion from criticism. How did this happen? Simple. The Human Rights council is dominated by Muslim and African countries. The western nations opposed the measure while 13 countries abstained. Thirteen. Muslim nations have stated that religion, Islam in particular, must be shielded from any criticism whatsoever. The Danish cartoons were sighted specifically. They said those that depicted Mohammed in a bad image was unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE? What about the right of expression and Freedom of Speech in Democracy. Here it is people....Islam is not consistent with Democracy.
It is the individual that has rights, not religion.

The Obama administration has recently declared all previous administration terrorist wording to be obsolete. Now it is "man-caused disasters" for terrorist attacks. Does this now mean we are a safer country? Well...we haven't been attacked in almost nine years, so what is that attributed to?
Now.....I have nothing against Obama. He has been in power for only 60 days, lets give him a chance. But if he has people under him changing the rhetoric of communication, I do feel he will have a difficult time.

The southern border is a keg of dynamite. Hezbollah is coming through the channels set up by the drug cartels. Its been documented and proven. Hezbollah is in the US.
The Muslim Brotherhood has terrorist training camps all across the country. Its documented and proven.
A Kuwaiti Professor gives a videoed speech advocating the destruction of the US. Whether thru explosives or Anthrax. Your very welcome for for letting us liberate your country from Saddam.

Who the hell ever heard of Shariah law ten years ago? Now...the UK has the start of it. That start, gives muslims all the encouragement needed to push for more and more. Its called appeasement. It didn't work with the Nazis in WW2, it won't work today. Islam will get whatever it desires and laugh in your face. Most muslims keep telling me, radicals are a minority in Islam.
Nazis were a minority in Germany.
Mugabe came to power in Zimbabwe with a minority.
Iran became an Islamic country with a minority.
Saddam held power with a minority

All it takes is a certain few, and if the majority says nothing, the radical few will succeed.

So...are we are the Eve of Destruction?
There will be another terrorist attack in the US. Its only a matter of time. How will that change us? Right now we are back in the 9/10 mindset.
We need to be in 9/12.

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  1. BBJ very good topic and here is my take on it, as far as the moderate Taliban, if u recall in Iraq the same tactic was used and it worked, the Sunnis were the resistance and they were supported by alqaida and Bathi's which are the Saddam supporters , so what the USA did is create the Council of Awakening which was formed by Sunnis to fight the extreme Sunnis and alqaida and it worked for the most part , as the 2 clashed and now we see a major reduction in attacks on the US soldiers and things are much more in control and most radical sunnis and alqaida are destroyed,my guess is Obama is calling for a similar strategy in Afghanistan by trying to form the "Moderate Taliban" to fight the Extreme Taliban, if this worked in Iraq , I see it may have a chance in Afghanistan too. and with this new strategy we may have better chance to reduce the casualties on the US military as far as loss of life and lets keep in mind that it was the previous administration under George Bush that proposed this "moderate Taliban " deal.I know many of you think I defend Obama all the time but this is the truth, all these tactics were started before Obama took office. As far as muslim brotherhood and the terrorist training camps in the USA, lets also remember and keep in mind that these have been here for long before Obama became president, and maybe we should go back to George Bush and see why he allowed these to be in the USA all 8 yrs of his presidency?
    As far as hizballah and Iran,I am hoping the tensions will ease under Obama, and things might take a turn, now that iranis on the doors of elections, we can only hope a less radical or a moderate would win. having improved relations between the USA and Iran may help the moderates in winning like Khatami or Mousawi and that can give a blow to the radicals like Ahmadi Nejad and Kham'ini.