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Friday, January 23, 2009

Remember Mumbai

What we have witnessed in India, is the true face of islam. The hatred and terror shown by radical Muslims, shows that they will not be satisfied until democracy and the free world is either exterminated, or under their total control.And by having so many Muslims celebrate this tragedy, shows that hatred in Islam runs very deep.There is no excuse, there is no viable reason, for such actions.
The only real solution will be diplomacy. When the Islamic world comes to term, and realizes that talks will be the only way to recover there "dignity", then they will stop the radicals from speaking for the entire Islamic world.There is no excuse available today. 150 some odd people are dead. Americans, Brits, and Jews were singled out. What does that tell us? They were out for blood. there is no reason for this to happen. Islam is should hang its head in shame.
Today is not the day to sympathize with any Islamic cause. Those days are over.
Frustrated or not, it doesn't give them the right to storm buildings and pick out Americans, Brits, and Jews. There is no excuse, no reason, except to exterminate us. ALL Muslims should be ashamed of what they condone in India. Things like this only feed the hatred the world feels towards Islam and apathetic Muslims. The terrorists that killed over 125 people are following the real Islam. Muslims can make all the excuses they want, but now, they should hang their heads in shame.
Too many innocents died because of gunfire ripping through their bodies. Men, women, children. All dead.There is no excuse today.
Too many times, Muslims have endorsed this barbaric behavior. Its time THEY make it stop. The spiral of violence is out of control. Muslims remind us constantly, to remember past anti-Islamic tragedies. Until they can come to grips with their constant and repulsive way to get attention, the world will say those past anti-Islamic actions are now justified.
The killing must stop, and the key must be turned by the Muslim. If they cannot accept that, if they cannot accept that diplomacy is the only solution, terror from both sides will continue.But today...there is no excuse.

150 people are dead, men, women , children.

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